Stop Eating THIS Nutrient Dense Food Because It’s Bad For Your Health | by Gabe Johansson | Jan, 2024

One of the craziest things going on with social media right now is a bunch of people telling you to avoid eating literally any food because it’s bad for you.


And of course fatty foods are bad and make you fat, right?

That leaves us with ice soup for dinner, but also water is bad and is making the frogs…


Because one half the internet thinks it’s the best thing you can possibly eat…

-High quality amino acid profile aka protein
-Decent amount of EPA and DHA omega 3 fatty acids which are hard to get from most foods
-Lots of bioavailable nutrients when cooked
-Highly versatile
-Easy to cook
-Easy to eat

And the list goes on…

Then you have the other half of the internet thinking this:

-Worse than smoking cigarettes
-High cholesterol content makes it bad
-Causes increased risk of heart disease
-Smells bad

But here’s the thing:

I haven’t seen one good case for eggs being bad, because all the main reasons are easily refuted with a bit of research.

I’m not a scientist or a doctor and what I’m about to say is not meant to be medical advice, but allegedly:

-No one in their right mind actually thinks eating protein and omega 3s is worse than inhaling heavy metals, ammonia, arsenic, and thousands of other chemicals from over-processed and possibly rancid tobacco.

-Your body makes cholesterol in accordance to how much you consume, so if you’re regularly eating high cholesterol foods…

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