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The way you look out for a quality Atta or any other product, do you look the same way while buying raisins? Especially black raisins. I don’t think so you do, even if you do the way you check isn’t really right because that’s what said to you by the masses. Let’s find out the proper way to check the raisins before you buy, let’s hear it from the man himself who is one of the few producers of black raisins in India Mr. Yogesh Padman. But before jumping on to the checking parameters let’s get a hang of Mr. Yogesh journey.

Mr. Yogesh has been into raisins business from last 30–35 years the business has been passed on to him by his ancestors. He was primarily into cultivation of green raisins but as COVID struck the nation he was amongst those who were affected by it. Having tons of black grapes lying he didn’t know what to do. That was the moment he took a risk and thought of trying out black raisins, but a fear of product output was always back of his mind as people’s choice when coming to black raisins were imported ones the Afghani Black Raisins. A fear of quality and taste was always there but an approval from near and dear ones boosted his confidence with that utter confidence he headed straight away to the market. But as perfect things seemed a hurdle was waiting ahead for him. As he stepped into the market his raisins got rejected by the traders. But why? As per the practice going on in the market, traders before buying raisins soaks these raisins to check purity if the raisins leaves colour it means it’s not good or fake but this isn’t really true. After getting rejected by the traders he met some consultants and shared the same to his surprise it comes out his products is good and natural and what’s going on in the market is actually a false practice, as raisins leaving colour is a sign of genuineness. But there are raisins which are natural but won’t leave colour yeah you read it right. These natural raisins are immature raisins i.e. not completely ripped, they won’t leave colour but you can identify them by their taste as they are a bit sour.

After getting to know more about black raisins and the way it should be cultivated he started taking extra care to maintain its quality and taste. Black raisins are expensive when compared to normal ones there is a reason for the same. Black raisins are cultivated by few people in India as people prefer imported ones and to match the quality of the same, proper and natural way needs to be followed by the farmers. For instance, a per acre land of green grapes gives an output of 35 to 40 ton but a same piece of land of black grapes farmed keeping in mind that they will be converted to black raisins an mere output of 10 ton of grapes is seen. Green raisins are made out of left out grapes whereas black raisins are made of best grapes to maintain its quality and taste.

At VVP Padman make sure he uses the best available grapes for cultivating raisins and in the naturalist way. Padman through Bharatrath wants to reach the masses and provide his best quality raisins. Let’s be a part of it and get the best available raisins from Mr. Padman. Let’s

empower these micro entrepreneurs. We are just a click away, ready to serve you and empower these micro entrepreneurs.

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