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Stuart Mckelvie | Business Developers in Medical Research | by Stuart Mckelvie | Sep, 2021

Stuart Mckelvie

Business developers must have strong communication skills, exceptional trading skills, and an affable personality. A medical business developer should have a thorough knowledge of the clinical examinations and the business part.

There are a lot of business development opportunities for clinical researchers. For example, pharmacists get new chances and openings to perform lots of research.

“They can combine the research and work with experienced business developers,” explained Stuart Mckelvie.

Stuart Mckelvie is an experienced director, a B.A.Sc graduate from Victoria University. He has worked in various sales departments, especially Medical devices sales. Stuart Mckelvie’s areas of expertise include; Sales, Sales Operations, Sales Management, and Sales Force Development. Stuart Mckelvie links medical researchers and industry partners together.

Business Developers have a comprehensive view of business strategies. They know how to negotiate, get research contracts, and budget to sustain existing relationships. They guarantee the project implementation is successful.

  • Cardiovascular Center
  • Center for Diabetes Research
  • Critical Care Integrative Research Center
  • Center for Precision Health
  • Speedy execution of research through the employment of competent teams.
  • Connect with relevant people in the research field.
  • An Avenue to assist in certain contracts and future openings.
  • Connect with external researchers.

Career opportunities for a business developer are: Business developers have a tough and demanding job.

These are some of the job opportunities a business developer can have.

  • Executive business developer: Manages and interfaces with their clients. They are responsible for initiating the first contact with their clients. Revenue generation is their main forte and goal. The continuity of the firm depends on them.
  • Business Analyst: Analyze the business, conduct market research, do risk analysis and risk management. A business analyst must be detail-oriented and observant.
  • Business Development Manager: Negotiates with clients, research institutes, and investors. They ensure the deal is profitable, outline contracts and deals, attract new clients.
  • Generation and maintenance of vital business records. They also represent the firm at meetings and seminars.
  • Create several kinds of marketing methods for publicity.
  • Preparation of proposals according to their client’s conditions.
  • Generate new business members and secure new opportunities.
  • Strengthen relationships with existing clients and build relationships with prospective clients.
  • Work with life scientists, innovators, investors, scientists, and entrepreneurs. They rapidly bring the work done to the medical institutes.
  • Manages intellectual properties.
  • Identify and manage potential market opportunities.
  • Collaborate with specialists to bid for remedial and diagnostic growth. The bid is made for potential investors to invest in the deal.

Biotech is the latest development in the medical field. They are used to identify new treatment plans and implement them. The tools are used to simplify research and resolve issues.


“Many successful biotechnology enterprises can generate profitable revenues,” remarked Stuart Mckelvie.

The enterprises may be start-up businesses, license agreements, or old firms. They can provide dependable revenue-generating research. They can also get grants from the government, institutions, or donations from the public.

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