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The backyard Aussie health and wellness invention endorsed by the world’s star athletes | by Tahominaakter | Dec, 2023

NBA stars LeBron James and Rudy Gobert, rugby legend Cameron Munster, and professional surfer Bethany Hamilton are among the prominent figures endorsing a new health and wellness trend originating from a Gold Coast backyard.

The innovation, known as the Inclination Board, was conceived by Queensland tradesman Nathan Award. The idea took root during a fitness camp, where Nathan, a gym enthusiast, faced limitations due to a knee and ankle injury.

“After experiencing some embarrassment for not being able to perform certain exercises properly, the coach suggested placing a piece of lumber under my feet,” Nathan explained. “Trying it out, I felt a level of activation and sensation in my legs that I hadn’t experienced before.”

Impressed by the transformative impact of elevating his heels, Nathan and his wife Kimberley created the first Inclination Board. Recognizing the growing demand through word of mouth, the couple took a leap of faith, leaving their jobs to establish their company, Inclination Board Co.

“We’ve sold over 50,000 inclination boards, totaling almost $6 million in sales,” Kimberley reported. Nathan added, “It’s incredibly rewarding to know that something we created has made a positive impact in people’s lives.”

But is the Inclination Board truly revolutionary, or is it just another fitness gimmick? Christian Barton, an Academic Partner in Physiotherapy, explains that the inclined platform is designed to enhance mobility, strength, and flexibility.

“The inclination board allows you to perform squats with your knees going over your toes and squat deeper without requiring the same amount of ankle range of motion,” Barton said.

Jamie Howard, who has struggled with knee pain for most of his life, incorporated the Inclination Board into his gym routine. “It’s helping me lift heavy weights; during squats, it really reduces stress,” he shared. While it’s not a cure-all, Howard noted that the board has lessened the frequency and intensity of his knee pain.

Casey Simpson, recovering from a leg ligament injury, was introduced to the Inclination Board as a rehabilitation tool. “Without the inclination board, I wouldn’t have the strength and mobility in my knee that I do today,” she said.

Despite its success stories, Professor Barton advises that the Inclination Board may not be suitable for everyone. He emphasizes the importance of consulting with exercise professionals like physiotherapists for personalized advice on incorporating the tool into a fitness routine.

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