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The Beauty Chef Clarify Has Helped Clear My Breakouts

Ever since I started in beauty, I have been a big fan of inner beauty supplements. I’ve always favoured a holistic approach and  just enjoy the ritual of drinking/blending/sipping something that’s good for me first thing in the morning (something other than caffeine). But ingestible beauty is now a huge category, so there’s a stack of formulas at our disposal — some of which aren’t much more than marketing fluff.

The Beauty Chef however is a brand I really believe in. Founded by Carla Oates, the ethos is centred on gut health and the effect it can have on our hair, skin, nails, digestion and general wellbeing. I’ve been taking their famous Glow Powder since its inception — as do most of my industry friends. So when Clarify launched, a formula designed to reduce the incidence of breakouts (something I am very prone to) I was elated.

Of course, a supplement alone usually isn’t enough to completely fix ongoing issues like mild acne, but even I was impressed by just how well it worked. So if you’re looking for a supplement to support skin from the inside out, Clarify might be it. Keep reading for more information.

What is It?

Clarify is an organic, fermented blend of whole foods, vitamins and minerals chosen for their skin clearing benefits. There’s ingredients like zinc, The Beauty Chef-exclusive probiotic strain lactobacillus rhamnosus GUT5Y™, broccoli sprout, burdock, dandelion, echinacea, provitamin A and vitamin B5. It works simultaneously to support gut and skin health, promoting cellular repair, rapid skin healing, hormonal metabolism and a strong barrier. It also works on the theory that gut health is directly linked to skin health, so by cultivating healthy flora we’re also fostering a calm, clear, radiant complexion.

The flavour is apple cinnamon — personally I find it more apple-forward but overall the flavour is really pleasant. I actually think it’s my favourite of the entire Beauty Chef line. The powder is designed to be taken daily, and can be added to water, a smoothie or juice.

The Results?

Results will absolutely vary person to person, but I definitely noticed an improvement in skin clarity and smoothness after a month of consistent use. I’ve always had skin that congests easily, and wearing a mask during summer has truly amplified breakouts around my jaw and cheeks. My festive season diet (i.e. sugar, dairy and gluten) also wouldn’t have helped, so not only was my skin a bit of a mess, but my digestive health as well. I paired Clarify with Glow, The Beauty Chef’s original formulation that is basically consumed by every single beauty editor I’ve ever met. It’s been in my routine for years, and I definitely notice a difference in general digestive discomfort when I’m not suing it.

As with all ingestible products, consistency is key — but a small scoop in a glass of water (combined with a regular topical skincare routine) definitely payed dividends when it comes things like redness, bumps and discolouration. It’s 100% a product I’ll be keeping as a mainstay in my morning routine.

See some before and afters below.



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