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Now , it’s time we discuss about investments that no one might let you know . Yes , they are so rewarding and once you know the secret you can achieve anything and everything .

Do you know what makes people like you and me rich , wealthy ? Is it money ? Is it Assets ? Or is it the crypto and stock market ? The answer is none of them . Hilarious you might imagine , how can be someone rich without money . If you think the same this is the reason you are here reading this article XD . Money without knowledge is a total waste , you need both . But most importantly , you need to learn how to generate wealth , this is the way . The amazing fact you need to know is that the rich guys are rich even without their wealth , they are rich because of themselves . If you’re poor , you can take away everything from a rich all the assets , wealth and leave them shrugged in a street for a 100 times . And still to your surprise the rich will regain his position for the 101st time and you will remain poor as you were .

Can you spot the difference ? It isn’t riches at all if money makes you one , materialistic things has nothing to do with wealth . The biggest difference between a rich and a poor is their mindset , knowledge and approach . Rich people are clever and smart enough to be in the position , holding on to riches isn’t that easy .

The biggest secret here is : RICH PEOPLE ALWAYS INVEST IN THEMSELVES before they focus on something else . They pay themselves , respect their own work , poor does the opposite and stay poor . All your materialistic wealth is seizable , it can go away any day any time , you can’t do anything about that . What can’t be stolen away from you is your spirit , the knowledge , smartness . That’s why they always say don’t work to earn money , work to learn . When we are teens or at our 20’s we should focus on ourselves , our thoughts more than anything else . This is the biggest investment you need to do . No one can snatch it from you ever . No matter where you are you will always be rich .

Knowledge Vs. Wealth

Then comes the question how to INVEST IN OURSELVES ? The answer is simple , invest in a way that makes you grow both mentally and physically . Take my words with a grain of salt human intellect is the best resource which can provide rewards if you invest wisely . So , why not develop something which is permanent .

Health is a priority

Here’s some of the basic tips I follow to INVEST in myself :

  • Read lot of books , articles , blogs . As they always say learning is a key , if you fail to learn there are high chances you might fail at your work . And what can be better than books itself . If you aren’t passionate about reading books you can read articles , blogs that will enrich you from inside .
  • NETWORK IS MY NET WORTH . Yes , it is the truth , your network defines the kind of person you’re . Choose your surrounding , friends carefully . They should share the same ambition , your environment should always inspire you to prosper .

Remember this is the net worth .

  • BE FIT AND HEALTHY . Our body has a direct influence over our mind and mood . Negligence would ruin your mind . You need to exercise daily . How much be the work pressure I always go out at the evening , exercise and play soccer for an hour or two and then return home . I can’t emphasise how it has helped increase my efficiency in work and in my sleep .
  • BE CURIOUS . The successful people were often curious about their observations , examined and analysed them thoroughly . The same goes here , always be hungry about information in your field . Maintain the hunger for knowledge , gather information as much as you can and then try them out .
  • RELAX . People always push themselves so harder that it becomes a pain in their ass . Don’t push yourself against your thoughts , it has always proven to backfire , instead align your thoughts smoothly in the direction you want . When I feel I’ve done enough I chill and relax , listen to music , feel the cool breeze , watch movies etc . It’s also equally necessary to relax . Know your limits well .

These are some what I do , you can make your own list . Eat good food , read , exercise , give your body what it needs . These are very basic things which can make you feel better , improved from the previous version of yours .

Cheers !! 🙂


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