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The biggest mistake I made when I started dieting | by Harris Roditis

Harris Roditis

I was already overweight as a teenager by the time I picked up my first health & fitness magazine.

I can’t recall anything from the magazine except for this 1 thing:

The best way to lose weight is to count calories.

It hit me like a ton of bricks.

To me, it made perfect sense.

I had a tremendously huge appetite.

The only way to cut back on food was to track it.

Naturally, I got obsessed with tracking numbers.

And guess what?

Counting calories worked.

I started to finally get back in shape!

At least that’s how it started…

Despite my weight loss success, I felt seething resentment growing inside of me.

I felt upset, hopeless and disempowered.

Here’s why.

One day I felt like having a few gummy bears as a snack.

I had to track the calories, so I counted the number of gummy bears as I ate them…


14 gummy bears x 10 calories each…

That’s 140 calories right?

Good. Log that into your food diary.

I did this with every morsel of food that entered my mouth.

All this tracking and counting was sucking the joy out of my life.

I felt like everything I was doing was just a number.

I turned from a human into a calculating machine.

But I kept going, because I didn’t know any other way.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, there was a reason behind my insatiable appetite.

I was eating mostly processed foods.

The luscious combo of sugar, fat and salt…

…that combo that makes the mouth watery..

…caused my satiety cues to go out of whack.

I had no idea whether I was full or not…

…I just knew I wanted more.

Ever reached into the freezer to have one spoon of ice cream…

…and suddenly you’re mining the caramel swirl, then the brownie chunks, and then…

your spoon scrapes the bottom of the pint?

That’s what I did most of the time back then.

Tracking calories helped me get an idea of how much food I was consuming but…

At the end of the day the root cause of the problem was still there.

I was always fighting against my insatiable appetite.

Always using my willpower.

Always left wanting for more.

Which led me to think that dieting is hard and unsustainable.

Sometimes I felt like I’d rather not lose the weight.

(hint: it doesn’t have to be this way)

It wasn’t until I switched to mostly natural foods…

(natural foods like fruits, vegetables, meat and legumes)

…that I started getting in touch with my sense of hunger and satiety.

No more overeating.

This happened naturally, without me having to track calories.

No more being neurotic, no more focusing on numbers.

No more feeling like I wanted to eat more.

No more feeling bad when I do.

Once I fixed my food choices, all I had to do to get in shape was…

…to do what normal people do.

Eat when hungry, stop when full.

No counting calories needed.

Who’s had a similar experience to mine?

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