The Case for Modern Genocide. Whatever’s happening is happening to… | by Carol Banks Weber | Oct, 2021

Whatever’s happening is happening to us. Oh, happy #IndigenousPeoplesDay, so we can pretend to give a shit, but really show off on social media how awesome we are.

Carol Banks Weber
Another conspiracy theory, taken out of context? Or, massive corruption, crimes against humanity? They were wrong about vaccine mandates, after all…and now, it seems the vaccines could cause antibody resistance, much like with antibiotics…

If Government is capable of cultural and human genocide against Polynesian-Hawaiians, Native Americans, and immigrants — FACT, not to mention all those pointless wars, what else are they capable of…and why would you want any lobbyist-indebted, red-tape-pushing bureaucrat in charge of our very lives??? #IndigenousPeoplesDay

Ask anyone dealing with this how much they care…

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