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The crazy in parenting…!. The heights matched. | by Shivangi Maniar | Nov, 2021

Shivangi Maniar
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The heights matched.

So did the gunas* in their horoscopes.

The match was finalised.

After 12 years of marriage, they dropped by to meet a life skills trainer.

You see, their parenting needed work, or so they thought!

The 4 year old child was creating a havoc !

After 2 hours,

“Dear wifey- Clothes on the floor! Dishes in the sink! Are we animals ?”

“Dear Husband —

The first 4 years were led by in-laws.

The next 4 years were led by your kind self.

The next 4 were driven by children.

Now I am running out of time!”

You do not parent in isolation.

You are dealing with work pressures, societal expectations, mild life crisis even as you parent !

You might have shoved your problems with your identity, siblings ,spouse ,boss, best friend etc. etc. under the carpet.

The child is born to throw a light on it.

That’s the divine plan:)

So, the next time you fight over the speed of the fan or what gift to take to a friend , know that it is not the fan or the friend we have a problem with.

The problem lies beneath, waiting for salvation.

*points in a horoscope.

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