The Double Asteroid Redirection Test launched today could easily miss the greatest danger to our planet | by Nathan J | Nov, 2021

With understanding of only a few words from the language and metaphysical worldview of our Cherokee people I have a deep yearning to know more. It is my understanding that our White people with a scientific materialist worldview have made their questions and concerns about the future a priority above all other considerations. I have heard it said that we do this because there is money and power in pursuing these kinds of problems but I think that misses the target. Money and power can be found in anything, and the greatest danger to our planet is not the availability of resources but our ignorance of how to use them.

The Double Asteroid Redirection Test launched today from Vandenberg Air Force Base. Supposedly, the effort could save the world for future generations. The question is, how do we focus on saving the world from an inevitable but far from imminent catastrophe without adding to the mindset that already makes our lives here and now ever more catastrophic? If the cosmos has an agenda, who do we think we are to meddle with it, and test alternative agendas? I have to tell you, before the launch today, the possibility of destruction of life on Earth by impact with an asteroid was the furthest thing from my mind. Now it’s all I can think about. I suppose the idea is if we want to save the world later, we have to act now. Timing is everything, but time does not wait for us all to agree on the best course of action.

In the world of clock time, words on paper launched to prevent what logic presented to me as an inevitable catastrophe have now been submitted to the court, and cannot be taken back. Even though I did my best to follow the rules, the test was still unscientific because the results cannot be verified. While I wrote what I thought was important for the court to know in order to get my family the help I think we need, I know that more trouble and more violence may have been caused in the name of somebody’s idea of the good than all the things that everyone would agree is evil put together. My concern is that if we don’t get help, my efforts will only amount to more psychic garbage, more space debris and wreckage to clutter the void of heaven. I would do anything to get help for my family, but when I use the words of the system that is failing our people, something gets lost in translation.

The medical system has hundreds of names for mental illnesses organized into categories medical professionals must use if they want to earn the money to continue practicing medicine. If they have the right support, people may gain relief from the symptoms of their suffering by consenting to treatment, but the medical system does not pretend to address the cause. The legal system has procedures that families must follow in order to bring information to the court’s attention. If they have the right support, families will present the information in a way that does not add words or details that can be used to label a person without providing a spiritual context for the actions being described. The challenge for our people in navigating the legal and medical system is to get the help we need without destroying our spiritual identity. Whatever mistakes have been made, our Learning Stories can help us reclaim our identity.

Notice the actions that all of your family members have taken to protect each other and themselves. Observe the way each of you affirm your identity as people with the capacity to care for each other.

Recognize that what is happening in your life is something that happens for other people as well. You are not alone. Your autonomy and the power of your will for good is sacred. If your natural right as a person to have control over your body and how you move in the world was ever disregarded, it still belongs to you. If ever you felt abandoned, rejected, shamed, devalued, or disrespected by the people you depended on for a sense of emotional and psychological safety, the multidimensional nature of your purpose and their purpose in life has been hidden from their eyes. Who you are is more meaningful and important than they realize.

Respond by joining your mothers and fathers to launch a double asteroid psychic garbage redirection test to dissolve the impact of words that have been used in the legal and medical system to describe parts of you that have no connection to your real identity. If you are not able to communicate with your mother or father source in the clock world for any reason, use the power of your imagination to connect with the part of them inside you that has the capacity to affirm the reality of who you are. Call upon the wisdom of your ancestors to transform your personal Learning Story as if you are saving yourself and the planet for generations in the future.

And so it is.

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