The Happiest Day in Her Life. Valia Kharicheva was diagnosed with… | by Misha Firer | Sep, 2021

Misha Firer

Valia Kharicheva was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma. She learned from her physicians that she wouldn’t live to celebrate New Year.

Realising Valya is leaving them, her parents decided to arrange a special day for their daughter. Valya had two wishes: to meet Sasha Petrov, Russian movie star and a heartthrob for millions of young girls, and to have a new iPhone.

In the evening, a young man brought Valia an iPhone as a gift. Valya did not immediately understand who the young man was, since she could no longer see well.

When Valya realised who it was, she burst into tears — the iPhone was brought to her by Sasha Petrov!

Valya was so happy to see him that she didn’t even pay attention to the long-awaited iPhone. She only laughed at Sasha’s jokes and cried with happiness. Needless to say, Sasha did it all free of charge.

A few days later, Valya passed away in her sleep.

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