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The Home Doctor Guide Review 2022 | by Sharita green | Dec, 2021

Sharita green

A One-of-a-Kind Guide to Resolving Health Issues!

How can you look after your health and that of your family at home? The answer can be found in our review of The Home Doctor Guide. Whether you live a 5-minute drive or a 5-hour journey from a hospital, medical help may not always arrive on time. It is impossible to consult a doctor for common ailments during blackouts and lockdowns. While the internet can supply some answers, it isn’t always accurate.

Is Maybell’s Guide Really Useful For Households? The Home Doctor Guide Reviews: Is Maybell’s Guide Really Useful For Households?

A rudimentary understanding of human anatomy and emergency first aid in the event of a heart attack can be life-saving. You will save money at the doctor’s office if you can treat minor symptoms like colds or even rashes at home. But where do you even begin? How do you go about learning these little but important abilities in a methodical way? Here’s where the Home Doctor manual comes in handy. Read The Home Doctor’s Handbook reviews to learn if it may help you treat a variety of common conditions at home.

Name of the product Dr. Maybell Nieves, Dr. Alterio, and Claude Davis are the creators of The Home Doctor Guide.

The Most Important Advantages

You can treat ailments at home with this item from the Ebook category.

Homeowner’s Guide

Price $37

Money-back guarantee for 60 days

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What is the purpose of the Home Doctor Guide?

The Home Doctor Guide is a collection of everything you can do at home to treat illnesses and offer first aid in an emergency, compiled and certified by doctors. This booklet will provide you with the answers to all of your medical issues. No analgesics? Antibiotics are not available? Is there no insulin? Is there no way to get in touch with the hospital? Don’t worry; the book outlines all of the steps you’ll need to follow to assure your loved ones’ safety. This brilliant answer to a lack of healthcare has aided individuals in both crisis and daily life. If you wish to avoid using steroidal creams and other heavier medications, the book shows you how to make some fantastic homemade salves.

Creators of the Home Doctor Guide

The Home Doctor Guide was created by three medical professionals. Claude Davis, Dr. Maybell Nieves, and Dr. Rodrigo Alterio

Dr. Maybell Nieves is a frontline worker in Venezuela following the country’s economic collapse. She is the chief of the Breast Pathology Unit and a general surgeon at Venezuela’s Caracas University Hospital. She has developed tactics and strategies that have been used in conflict zones while working in a medically deficient Venezuela. These encounters equipped her with the information she needed to guide practical medicine for the general public.

Dr. Alterio is a surgeon at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, where he works in the Department of Oncology. He has served as the principal healthcare provider for people living in the Amazon rainforests. His time there taught him to make do with what he had and to use nature as a pharmacy. He was also a member of the Green Cross as a frontline paramedic. During the violent protests, he ministered to injured protestors and law enforcement officers.

Claude Davis is a natural remedy expert and a survivalist. He feels that our forebears’ medical methods were years ahead of what we now believe. He has taken active steps in educating people about crises and depending on nature to supply for us in crises as a result of the Venezuelan catastrophe.

The Home Doctor’s Guide includes the following:

Medicine is an enormous area, but The Home Doctor Guide simplifies it by focusing on the medicine you’ll need in your everyday life. The book guidelines begin with the fundamentals of all the medical items you’ll need at home. In a crisis, you should follow emergency protocol and avoid making any mistakes. If you have a family member who is at risk of a heart attack, knowing the symptoms of a heart attack and what steps to take before help arrives is crucial. You’ll learn about antibiotics that you can buy without a prescription and what happens if you take a drug that has expired.

There are sections on how to take advantage of nature. People have been battling ailments for millennia, long before modern medicine existed. Learn about all of the little things that nature has to offer and how to make the most of them.

What Is The Function Of The Home Doctor Guide?

The book is concise yet helpful, according to The Home Doctor Guide evaluations. On a topic as large as the human body, it was written by professionals for laypeople. Over 300 pages of graphics, step-by-step directions for dealing with a stroke, practical ideas, and general information on how to build your immunity are included.

Home cures for the common cold, headaches, neck and back troubles, and other ailments are covered in detail. This book will show you how to perform a full breast exam at home if you are concerned about a persistent lump or soreness in your breast. From your brain to your feet, and everything from your heart to your sinuses, the book covers it all.

Learn how to treat wounds sustained during riots and other forms of violence. As previously said, Dr. Maybell has witnessed numerous instances of human aggression and has felt compelled to share her knowledge when calling a doctor is not an option.


The Home Doctor book is around 300 pages long and contains only remedies to common and not-so-common medical problems.

You might, for example, get a toothache tomorrow and not be able to see a dentist. The book gives you step-by-step instructions on how to continue.

The book is convenient and to the point, according to all The Home Doctor Guide reviews. Having too much information can often make things worse. Most non-serious diseases may be treated with a few necessary antibiotics and medicines.

Chapters on natural cures and quick recommendations to relieve headaches and back troubles are among the book’s other advantages.

This booklet contains information that will assist you in determining whether your medical issue requires professional treatment or can be treated at home. Find out if your migraine is caused by an underlying ailment or by other variables that can be treated.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Home Doctor Guide

The reviews for the Home Doctor Guide all agree that the book is valuable. We’ve compiled a summary of the book’s benefits and drawbacks to assist you in determining its utility.


Detailed diagrams that even a non-technical person can comprehend

Instructions are simple to follow.

Most mild ailments can be treated at home.

First-aid advice for people who have had a heart attack or a stroke.

DIY strategies for maintaining a high level of immunity

Step-by-step instructions for treating wounds and how to avoid common blunders


Even while the book outlines how to manage specific conditions, you will still require medical assistance in an emergency.

Not accessible in all countries

Is Home Doctor a genuine company?

According to the Home Doctor Guide reviews, the book is a must-have for folks who live in difficult situations. Even if you live in a more tranquil environment, possessing the book will be beneficial to you. The information offered is very practical and helpful; the book was written by experienced doctors who have worked in countries with underdeveloped medical systems. The book will teach you how to heal illnesses and wounds with the materials you have on hand until help arrives. We all become sick from time to time, and we all want to get better. A healthier life is not far away if you use the information in this book.

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Customer Complaints and Reviews for The Home Doctor Guide

The book has received a great reception from its readers. The majority of customer reviews for The Home Doctor Guide indicate that it has aided them in emergency situations. Customers have been pleasantly pleased by how effective the book has been in alleviating their agony. It has aided people in distinguishing between life-threatening and non-life-threatening symptoms. The book has gotten a lot of excellent feedback.

Pricing and Availability of The Home Doctor Guide

For only $37, you can have The Home Doctor Guide — Practical Medicine for Every Household. You’ll also get a free copy of Native American Natural Healing Secrets and Wild Edibles You Can Forage or Find Around Your House with this ebook.

Customers should be aware that the book can only be purchased through the company’s official website. It’s possible that any copies for sale on third-party websites aren’t genuine.

Bonus: The Home Doctor’s Guide

You will also receive two additional goodies when you purchase Home Doctor — Practical Medicine for Every Household.

Two further gifts await you if you place a copy of Home Doctor: Practical Medicine for Every Household on your shelf today.

1st Bonus:

Wild Edibles You Can Forage or Find in Your Own Backyard: This book will teach you how to effectively utilize your backyard and make the most of it. What your backyard plants can do for you is undervalued. This supplement will teach you about the beneficial fauna of North America.

#Bonus 2: If you’re looking for a unique way to express yourself, this is the

Natural Healing Secrets of Native Americans: This book contains all of the natives’ medicines. For hundreds of years, people have relied on nature to provide for them, and they do so now. As a result, plant knowledge, which we today take for granted, was a necessity a few hundred years ago.

These goodies are only available in digital format.

The Home Doctor Guide Reviews’ Final Verdict

Recent events have demonstrated how much we suffer when the medical system is overburdened. In a crisis, it becomes increasingly difficult to assist your loved ones; having basic medical supplies and accurate information might save a life. We must acquire critical medical knowledge in order to protect the community’s health. Review by The Home Doctor Guide This ebook will provide you with the answers to all of your medical concerns, according to the author.

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