The Increasing Trend towards Organic Products: The Whys and Wherefores | by walia ali | Nov, 2021

walia ali
Organic Beauty Products In Pakistan

The words “organic” and “natural” have created a lot of buzzes nowadays. These words have become the latest trend, and are generally perceived as safer and healthy to use. The same is the case for the skincare range.

Without any doubt, your skin is the most prominent part of the body and everyone wants it to reach its perfection. The general rule that applies for purchasing a skincare or hair care product is to look at the back and focus on the list of ingredients.

In the present times, the beauty and cosmetic industry is rapidly growing. Every day, manufacturers are introducing new, advanced, and improved formulas to make their products more effective.

But along with that, people are getting more and more aware of what they consume and put on themselves. The competition is growing, hence, the need for chemical-free products has increased as well.

· Are free of any synthetic material that might make your skin thin over the years of usage.

· Their list of ingredients is far from being genetically modified.

· Have been subjected to minimal processing, hence, they are also free from any harsh substances. The products also retain their natural properties and prove to be more effective when applied to the skin.

Sometimes, the all-natural and chemical-free product does not sit well with those who have sensitive skin. The natural concoction or raw oils may irritate your skin. So, there is a very fine line of balance that needs to be maintained.

But not to worry, with such an advancement in science and technology, companies manage to manufacture safe, organic products for the consumers.

They have products specifically designed to fit different textures of skin and hair types. All products are:

· Sulfate-free

· Silicone free

· Cruelty-free

· Paraben-free

· Have no Artificial Musks

· Free from Triclosans

· Have no Phthalates

Let’s review two of its best-seller products:

Skin Renew Organic Age-Defying Cream:

ü It contains poppy extract along with ectoin that reverses the unhealthy effects of daily sun exposure. It also firms your skin and increases its elasticity.

ü It also contains macadamia oil which is high in omega 9. It also contains vitamin E which acts as an antioxidant that deeply nourishes your skin.

ü It also contains keratin which reaches within every hair fiber to help repair them from within. If you continue using this product, you will definitely witness the very visible changes just over a few weeks.

ü It also contains many essential ingredients, for example;

· Apigenin

· Pea peptide

· Oleanolic acid

· Peppermint

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