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The Largest Wave Ever Seen | by Blair Jones | Sep, 2021

Micheal Benz

Imagine you’re lying down to sleep for the night but suddenly you feel your boat bed start to shake. Your boat is swaying and all of your belongings are falling down around you. This is the experience you would have had during the night of July 9th, 1958 in Lituya Bay.

The first event in this traumatic evening is an earthquake of a 7.8 to 8.3 magnitude that shook your boat in the bay. As you start to recover and decide to look out onto the cold, Alaskan water. The rockslide begins, rocks the size of buidings fall. You might think to put on a life preserver. You might pray that you’ll survive what’s next.

A mega tsunami approaches, towering at 1,720 feet. When the giant wave reaches your boat it’s almost the size of a ten story buiding. Your boat is lifted up from the bay, it’s added to the wave’s back. All you see are trees, rocks, and other boats that have been swept up. Maybe, you survive the wave like Bill and Vivian Swanson. The couple used a life boat to make it ashore. Could you do the same?


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