The Mental Flow was triggered by COVID-19 Quarantine | by Peter Sung | Oct, 2021

View of Isolated Room

Today is my last two days of Covid-19 quarantine. In these days, I try to train myself to become more self-disciplined in the daily life and observe the mood changes of my mind. It seems the Covid-19 quarantine had become a standard process for most business travelers. Although we can rely on the online meeting cross different region, we still desire to have more effective and directly communication way and face-to-face working model. So to learn how to face the quarantine is also becoming an important mindset training for myself.

In the period of isolation, there are one movie which inspired me. That is CODA, which is the 2021 comedy-drama film. The film described a hearing teenage girl’s story. The story describe the perspective view of deaf parents and brother in detail. Especially, I like the moment when Ruby is singing a song on the stage, all the sound of movie is muted. The camera of director capture everyone’s expression without sound. I was impressed by the moment. (In Apple Music, hear “Both Sides Now” by Emilia Jones)

Wiki Introduction of CODA

Fore more information about this movie, there is the introduction here.

Also there is introduction in Chinese, see the link.

If we review ourself life, we may find our life was flooded with many information and advertisements. It make us hard to know what’s the real unmet need for ourself. However, if one day you may lose the ability to feel the world or perceive the emotion soon, you will want to keep what’s the precious perception experience for yourself.

So am I. It’s also the similar feeling in my quarantine life. So I try to keep my creation through the simple tool and color.

My watercolor painting drawn in my quarantine life at TW.

In order to help people find himself/herself go back to the natural time without addition noisy interference or annoying disturbance. We are working hard with our partners to create the service to help you find your precious perception experience. Stay tuned.

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