Natural Wonders

The Most Colorful Natural Features on the Planet

Look up at the sky, down at the ground, or out into the landscape, and you’ll see that our planet is a fascinating prism of hues, from multicolored mountains and deserts to astronomical curiosities and kaleidoscopic rivers.


The most colorful scenes in nature

While we’d all love to dream about visiting these incredible sights right now, the current world state is keeping us from doing anything beyond dreaming…except looking at these beautiful photos, of course! Just like these photos of the world’s most beautiful countries, we hope these gorgeous pictures remind you that while we may be trapped inside right now, around us the world is lighting up in the most fantastic ways, and that they give you a little something to smile about.


Aurora over bioluminescence


Bioluminescent waters in Tasmania

If you’ve ever seen a firefly, then you’ve witnessed bioluminescence—a pulsating glow emitted by living organisms. Most bioluminescent creatures are marine life, though, and when they light up underwater, the whole sea seems to magically sparkle. There are plenty of these kinds of waters throughout the world, but the River Derwent in Tasmania offers a double whammy in the spring: bioluminescent waves, right beneath the Aurora Australis, a natural electric phenomenon that creates a technicolor sky.

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