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The New Kind Of Personalization. Skin care is often associated with… | by SQIN | Oct, 2021

Changing The Way We Think About Skin Care


If you search the Internet for “skincare startups,” you will almost exclusively find companies that sell skincare products.
However, from the many years of experience of dermatologists, cosmeticians and other skin care professionals, we know that far more than just the products you use have an impact on your skin. Nevertheless, consumers as well as investments, for example, usually focus solely on products. Why is that?

The appearance of a person’s skin depends on many different external and internal influences: genes, air quality, sun exposure, diet, hydration and many others. One of these influences is also the range of cosmetic products we use and how well they suit our own skin type. And yet, the first thought on the subject of skin health is often that of products.

Especially the area of personalized skin care — which is currently more popular than ever — is often understood as “personalized care products”.
Leaving aside the fact that most personalized cosmetic products are not as personalized as one might think and often only suit the respective skin type, but not specific problems. A lot more difficult is that, once again, all other influences are disregarded.
Proper personalization would work much better by holistically adapting skin care to one’s own skin needs, wouldn’t it?

This is exactly the holistic approach we want to offer with the SQIN app. For us, personalization means focusing on the user, their skin health and beauty, and their well-being. Therefore, we offer them information, instructions, and assistance to create awareness for all relevant topics related to their skin. This is the basis for long-lasting beautiful and healthy skin — and in our opinion the kind of personalization that really helps.

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