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THE OUTDOORS GUY: Offseason hunt camp visit good for the soul

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Does anyone else visit their hunt camp during the winter months? Since the pandemic started, I have returned to camp several times during the winter and early spring, really throughout the offseason, for a change of scenery and to rejuvenate the soul. There are always maintenance tasks to be done, wood to be cut or upgrades required, but those are clearly excuses just to hang out. Many hunters, myself included, go through ‘post-hunting blues’ once the deer season has come to an end. With adrenaline levels returning to normal, and reality that hunting is over for another year setting in, returning to the ‘scene of the crime’ is the best medicine. Getting back to nature is also one of few acceptable pandemic activities that everyone can do. So far this winter with scant snow on the ground, access to camp and the ability to walk the woods is still there. Enjoy your offseason hunt camp visit, I know I will!

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Ice-fishing secrets

Got a winter fishing hotspot? Share your ice-fishing secrets and I will feature your story right here next month. One secret I can share is a special winter walleye lake in Central Ontario where my Sir Sandford Flemming College pals and I used to fish. The lake was located on the ‘edge’ of the Minden District map, however unbeknownst to us, fell under Lindsay District. We fished the lake for one entire winter and part of another before discovering there was in fact NO winter season on this particular lake. It explained why the fishing was so good. Learn from my error always check the regulations closely!

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