The Real Reason Why You Need To Wake Up Early | by Elias Ebner | ILLUMINATION | Mar, 2024

How to get more out of your day

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Today I will tell you about the benefits of waking up early and why it’s the best productivity hack.

Doing things in the morning is not the same as doing them later in the day, trust me.

Before the day even starts (you can do it the evening before), make a list of all the things you have to get done for that specific day.

Include all of the most important things, don’t write down things like “drink water” or “brush your teeth”, simply keep in mind that you will need some time to do all of those things.

After having a list of three, four, or even five things, identify the main task for the day.

The main task should not be ranked as such for reasons of importance or urgency, but more so for how difficult it is for you to complete.

Choose a task that you tend to procrastinate often.

That’s the task that you should complete right at the start of your day.

This should of course be a task that can be completed in the early morning and doesn’t require you to do something unavailable at that time.

I see it like this: for any given day, we have a certain amount of energy.

This energy is the highest about thirty minutes after waking up.

As you go about your day, no matter what you do (watching YouTube, actually working, lying in bed, etc.), your energy slowly drains.

In the afternoon, you have enough energy to either relax or do simple tasks, which for us Medium writers could be responding to comments or similar things.

When you are low on energy and try to do a difficult task, you will be very inefficient and it will take you much longer than it should.

The logical solution to this is to use this energy you have on meaningful tasks before you even get the chance to waste it on useless things or things that don’t matter as much/don’t require as much energy.

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