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The wait will Drain.. If it’s yours, it will be yours! | by Prasuma Magarati (With my flaws) | Dec, 2021

If it’s yours, it will be yours!

Prasuma Magarati (With my flaws)

People who are meant to be with you, will find you. Today I read an article, after I woke up and it gave me so much of clarity. So much of things that I thought or wanted to be true which are not really true.

Some people in our lives are just meant to be travelers, not destined. The right person will never make you suffer. Someone very special said, “when you need to think much about something than it’s not right for you.” Some energies drain you, when you keep waiting for that reply which will never be replied, waiting for that wish which will never be yours.

The energies of expectation will take you to your worst self, which you never thought you would be in. You will suffocate in the race of expectation and reality, neglecting your present. The more you wait, the more you drain.

I know it’s not easy, but letting go will make things more easy for your present and future days. The past was just an incident, that happened and you can do nothing about that. Not even guilt and regret, you can’t live on that fact still.

Emotional turmoil’s have so much to do with your physical and mental health. Sometimes we just tend to forget the kind we really were and we get lost in the path of finding our true self. If anything makes you wait, question, lost and in vain, than that’s not right for you sweetheart. The sooner you realize that things those existed are just events and they have nothing to do with the person you are today, the easier it will be for you to move from the darker side of your life.

Holding anything forcefully is meant to go one day. People who are meant to be with you will find you and keep you like a treasure. You don’t need to search them. When the right time comes the right things will happen and you will figure out why things in the past didn’t work out.

The instinct will figure out the things which are not yours, people who are not yours, it’s your heart that keeps you in skepticism. But that’s okay! You will need time to process things and act wisely. Sometimes we don’t even know what our reaction is and how is it being portrayed, due to the heat of the situation. The situations that make us unfold the Darker side of us.

Just remember, the right people will never make you wonder in your worst phases, they will take initiative to be with you and love you. The people who are never meant to be with you, will never be yours. No matter how long you strive, how hard you try, it’s not worthy for them, cause they are not yours. I have noticed many people being in my life without any complains and I don’t need to figure out how will I make them happy. It’s because we create a fun moment when we meet and it creates an impact. I don’t even fear of loosing them.

It’s a vibe that passes. If you need to fear and judge yourselves for situations then there’s something that’s going wrong. Many times we try to compromise, change our selves and create our worth according to the view of next person. But you don’t need to. Some people see beauty in your rashes and scars. Nothing matters to them except the way you are as a human being.

Everything takes and needs time. When we try to rush towards conclusions than things will be even more worse. Give time to your self and those connected to you. People who are meant to be yours will approach and take initiatives to be with you.

When you are in your best self, the right tribe will come to you. But firstly, it’s so necessary for you to recognize your true self. Your NEW VERSION of you being totally you. It’s okay to be vulnerable, it’s temporary. Where the most important thing is, we need to accept and let go. The chapter which is not yours will never unfold.

But the story which is yours will help you create a biography. Mark it!

I wish you get the right people when it’s the right time. I wish you need not hold on someone to complete and make you feel loved. The more love we give to ourselves the more we can love others. Ultimately the source is we ourselves. We can’t fill others by making ourselves empty. It’s neither always giving nor always taking. It’s to and fro.

Till then- Love love ❤

Take care of your health, your parents and your loved ones. I am always here to listen and share stories.


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