The Writing’s On The Wall: (Covid +) – ILLUMINATION

Also, There’s No Rest for the Weary

A calm Covid ICU nurse documents the Code Blue on the glass

I’m cozy on the couch with my girls this Saturday.

A movie’s on; puppy napping; the cats play.

But one glance at Facebook,

Tells me everything I’m trying to forget.

A 30-year-old died this morning;

Another wife and family filled with regret.

Our ER is on divert,

Which means the whole damn place is full.

Ivermectin couldn’t save them;

Our country’s new fake ‘crown jewel’.

I spelled a picture like this out once before;

As they died, everything we saw.

Don’t have it in me today;

All I’ll say is,

The writing’s on the wall…

{Time of Death: 4:01 am}

The aftermath of a Covid death. They tried it says.

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