Therapeutic Agents That Target Cancer Cells Directly | by Frank Diana | Oct, 2021

Frank Diana

Two scenarios in our emerging future are healthy life extension and radical life extension. The former extends are healthy lives and the latter pursues immortality. At the heart of both scenarios lies astounding and rapid advances in science and technology. A recent article provides a great example while exploring the possibility of cancerous tumors eliminating themselves. Per the article, a new technology developed by University of Zurich (UZH) researchers enables the body to produce therapeutic agents on demand at the exact location where they are needed.

These advances allow for the targeted application of agents, thereby reducing side effects and eliminating tumors from the inside out. The UZH researchers call their technology SHREAD: for SHielded, REtargetted ADenovirus. Unlike chemotherapy or radiotherapy, this approach does no harm to normal healthy cells. As these advances accelerate, our ability to eradicate chronic diseases accelerates with it. Much like the last period of great invention, where we eradicated the infectious diseases of those times, this emerging period holds great promise. This approach is now being tested to combat COVID-19.

By delivering the SHREAD treatment to patients via an inhaled aerosol, our approach could allow targeted production of Covid antibody therapies in lung cells, where they are needed most,” Smith explains. “This would reduce costs, increase accessibility of Covid therapies and also improve vaccine delivery with the inhalation approach

Sheena Smith — New technology makes cancerous tumors eliminate themselves

These advances and more are likely to enable the extension of our healthy lives — and the institutional challenges that represents. The innovation wheel captures many of these advances in a rapidly emerging period of great invention, and if managed correctly, the advancement of human development.

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