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With having so many new eatery outlets opening daily and offering exemplary delicacies that not only satisfy our taste buds but also our eyes aesthetically. The aesthetically pleasing foods may or may not burn a hole in our pockets but burn our throat and chest.

With mindless eating habits and a poor lifestyle, we are often consuming the stuff on the go to satisfy our hunger and cravings. But that sometimes leads to the stomach acids flowing back to the esophagus. This is called “Acid Reflux”. Its most common symptoms are heartburn and pain in the upper abdomen. Usually, it happens when we’re not eating in proper intervals, have delayed stomach emptying, didn’t chew food properly, etc. When acid reflux produces chronic symptoms, it is known as gastroesophageal reflux disorder (GERD).

In the case of acid reflux, you can take into consideration the following points, such as:

1. Eat slow

The way you intake food in your body is how much you love yourself because when you intake any sort of food is how you handle your body. Having a daily routine is so crucial, following routine and eating sparingly by chewing each bite will melt down your food certainly helping in the digestion process. Assuring the smooth digestion process will make excretion easier and skip any stomach issues.

2. Avoid certain foods

Some foods are more likely to trigger acid reflux than others; it is advised to avoid such foods especially during dinner so that it helps in curing stomach issues completely. Foods to be avoided are fatty foods, spicy or junk foods, garlic, onion, tomatoes, mint, tea, coffee, alcohol, or even aerated drinks for that matter. You can totally stop having these foods and see how it works for you then you can go on adding each food item one by one to check what works for you and what doesn’t.

3. Avoid Carbonated drinks

Any kind of carbonated drink will make you burp and trigger the acids to set back and flow to the esophagus causing the complication to arise. Instead of that having plain water is the best way to go about it, in fact staying hydrated all time will ease out the problem.

4. Stay up for a while

The timing plays an important role here, be it lunch, evening supper, or dinner you have to be specific with time daily and no napping after that, which cancels out on your mid-night snack automatically. Make sure you finish having your dinner 3 hours prior to bed. When you stay up straight after your meals, the gravity itself helps in keeping the acid in your stomach in place and works right for you.

5. Don’t move too fast

After meal strolling is great but bending, stretching or any exercises are definitely not advised as it will send the acid to your esophagus, which surely you don’t want.

6. Lose weight, if advised

The muscular structure that supports the lower esophageal sphincter causes it to spread because of obesity, decreasing the pressure and causing heartburn and acid reflux. It is always better to hold on to a weight that is healthy and maintaining it, in the long run, will not only help you to make use of your branded clothes thoroughly but also benefits you health-wise.

7. Quit smoking

In case if you smoke, the nicotine may relax the lower esophageal sphincter resulting in arise of the issue.

8. Check your medications

There are certain medications that do the job but in turn will have acid reflux effects, in such a case you should see your doctor and get your medications changed or however advised.

We often take it (acid reflux) lightly but it can lead to severe consequences and can have various health hazards, precaution is always better than cure. Treating it is not that complex even without medications; here are a few foods that cure acid reflux:

· Fruits like apples and bananas.

· Root vegetables like beetroot, sweet potatoes, and carrots.

· Green veggies like broccoli, beans, and asparagus.

. Salads like cucumber with low-fat dressing.

· Whole grains like brown rice and oatmeal.

· Fennel seeds.

· Warm water.

It is better to see a doctor or a professional for a piece of better advice.

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