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This is the most valuable vegetable in the world! The price per kilogram of this particular vegetable is 1 lakh rupees. | by Ajahar Ali | Mar, 2024

When we go to the market, we come across various types of vegetables, each with its own unique qualities. Alongside, the prices of these vegetables vary per kilogram, making it easy for us to decide whether to buy them or not. But today, in this report, we present to you a vegetable whose price will astonish everyone.

Essentially, the price of this particular vegetable is almost £100,000 per kilogram. Yes, it may sound unbelievable at first, but purchasing a kilogram of it would cost this substantial amount of money. In this situation, the name of it is Hop Shoots. It is known that the market price of this vegetable ranges from £80,000 to £100,000 per kilogram. Essentially, this vegetable is found in European countries. Hop Shoots are green-colored cone-shaped flowers. It is used in making beer………. Read More 👇

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