Three hidden powers for high impact leadership | by Chetan Raisa | Dec, 2023

Leadership is all about you.

A ton of reading material suggests improving your leadership by knowing, understanding, and using several technical, management, and leadership skills.

However, the key is you cannot have good leadership unless you have these three things about you.

1. You need to be sufficiently dissolved in the vision

2. Orientation ‘for’ you / yourself

3. Faith in yourself

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It is like this.. Everyone knows that having a beautiful communication ability could create a future where you bask in an everlasting love relationship forever, a business partnership that fosters goodwill and begets prosperity, a fulfilling experience of engaging with your children to satisfy the blissful need of connecting with them on deeper levels.

However, most people stop at their ability to speak, exchange ideas and thoughts but do not develop a moving ability of communication that engages souls and builds dreams.

They keep it at survival and never dig further, aiming at thriving in all three creations I mentioned above.

People resist the urge to thrive when they find fantastic survival results.

They do this because coming to the top of survival removes their fears, and they feel no need to live up to their desires.

They either get sloppy or too contented but certainly lose the urge to thrive, losing the edge needed to be developed to achieve the next level up.

Similarly, many leaders know that vision is important. Still, they end up putting a picture on the wall and placing it under the pillow and what not.

Still, they cannot make this picture dissolve in every fabric of your core being, every cell of your body, every sense of your conscious self, and let it expand in your thoughts and emotions at the speed that scares you!

Loads of leaders make the mistake of compulsive compliance with concepts because they just know that they are a must.

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