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Tik Tok train star Francis Bourgeois films Gucci advert

A MUCH-LOVED famous train-spotting Tik Toker has filmed a major advert in the Bradford district.

Francis Bourgeois, 21, has over two million followers on the social media platform, where users upload short-form videos (typically of less than a minute).

The 21-year-old has become a national treasure for his unashamed passion for train-spotting, posting videos of himself hunting different trains.

Francis has endeared himself to the public with his positivity and joyful nature, often seen sprinting down station platforms after the locomotives, with a GoPro attached to his head, facing inwards – giving a fish-eye effect of Francis’s face.

He has now appeared in a collaboration advert between fashion brands, North Face and Gucci, which was filmed in Keighley.

Oakworth Railway Station is front-and-centre of the advert, with a steam train – conducted by Francis – rolling into the station on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway, before moving off around half a minute later.

The station has been disguised up to look like it belongs in an Alpine setting and seems to be called “Sorbier”.

Francis, on the platform’s tannoy, announces the arriving steam train is the “9.30 Summit Ascent” service.

The camera then pans across the station platform where people are wandering around, clad in the North Face x Gucci gear, while others head into a photobooth.

Francis channels his playful personality by jumping around in the station building, before the video cuts to him on the platform, blowing a whistle to send the steam train on its way.

The 21-year-old, now on board, speaks down the train’s tannoy and says: “Hello everyone, welcome aboard the Summit Ascent service. Please remember to take in the exquisite scenery as we go by.”

This is when The Keighley & Worth Valley Railway is shown in its full glory, with the advert cutting between shots outside the train as it moves along and different scenes inside of people in the new collaboration clothing.

The crowning jewel is the final clip of the train hurtling along the track, which lets out a sharp whistle as steam billows behind it, with a spectacular backdrop.

Super-imposed on top of the West Yorkshire scenery is a snow-topped mountain, to fit the advert’s Alpine theme.

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