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TMM Half Marathon. Ran the TMM half marathon today in a… | by ram | Jan, 2024

Ran the TMM half marathon today in a time of 2.27.11 hours, which is the season’s best time for me this year. I have been running the Mumbai Marathon, since 2005. It is now known as Tata Mumbai Marathon, but which until 5 years ago, was known as the SCMM, Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon.

The plan was to run easy but that went out of the window, as the 2nd km itself opened out onto sea link. There was no space to run in the first 3 kms due to the large number of runners, but then onwards, it was dodging one runner after another.

I thought of doing the positive split and take it easy from 11 km onwards, but went all out until just after 15 kms when there was a hill climb at Pedder Road. Half the hill i ran but had to walk the rest and from then onwards the pace dropped considerably, which was okay with me.

i took only 3 walking breaks and they were only for greeting my fellow club runners who were manning the water stalls at various points. Otherwise i am satisfied with the results.

After the race, we had to walk a lot through a throng of runners and then i took some water to cool down, splashed it on my face and around my neck and face. I sat down on the grass for a while recovering the spasm of cramps that were enveloping around my toes.

Overall arrangements were good for a mega city race which took on 59,000 runners from all over India and abroad.

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