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Too much time on screens? Screen time effects and guidelines | by Saqibparekh | Dec, 2021


These days, it has become a pattern that young people should rely on modern devices like tablets, mobiles and cell phones. That’s why most parents think that investing energy in tablets and cell phones can be incredible fun for their children. So the majority of parents are happy when they get expensive devices / tablets for their children.

The fact is that high-quality innovation turns out and works on teaching skills, yet over-use of screen time is unsafe. It’s a fact that the time children spend on screen is a relaxing time for parents, but they can’t imagine the effects of this fun on their children’s minds.

As indicated by the American Academy of Pediatrics, screen time for undergraduate students should not exceed 60 minutes. For children over one and a half years old, electronic gadgets should be denied.

When a child spends most of his energy on electronic gadgets, his premium for playing with relatives, active activities and chatting with other relatives decreases. In addition, screen time significantly affects a child’s normal development.

According to a logical analysis, correspondence problems, language improvements, loss of engine capabilities, and early delays in children as severe subjects are the result of overuse of electronic gadgets.

The effects of the screen on children

Language development


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