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Twisters reboot drops next week

If you were to tell me as a child that one of my favorite movies were to get a reboot of sorts down the road, I most likely wouldn’t have believed you.

And really, I still don’t fully believe that all these years there will be another Twister movie. I mean, almost thirty years is rather late to the party but hey, that’s still pretty cool. Although, I’m using the term “reboot” here very loosely as the folks behind the flick have mentioned that it will be its own thing. There will be references and whatnot, sure, but it’ll still not follow directly after the original. But I’m not complaining, as I’ll be fangirling in the theater, grinning ear to ear each time I pick out a nod to the ’96 film.

Now make no mistake, I’m not going to jump the wagon here and immediately assume that it’ll be trash or won’t be all that great solely because of the fact that it’s a reboot like plenty others seem to. I understand why, as nowadays remakes/remasters/what have you often end up not that good, however there is always the chance that it’ll turn out to be much better than we expect. But there are a couple things bothering me, that I’m sure I’m just overthinking here but it still bugs me nonetheless.

For starters, in the beginning of the first trailer shown during the Super Bowl, it shows chasers taking shelter under an overpass from what I’m assuming is an F5. For anyone confused about what I’m getting at here, you do not do that. Winds tend to accelerate underneath structures like that, which opens up a completely new can of worms that you really don’t want to open. I know that it’ll most likely be used as something to show what you’re not supposed to do, but I can’t help but worry that someone may take it as the opposite and believe it to be a safe approach for when you’re in a situation like that.

And then there’s how our protag apparently wants to “destroy tornadoes.” That bit had me raising my eyebrow, it might be just metaphorically but it just rubs me the wrong way. Anything else is just me being nitpicky, but those are my main gripes. I already know that Twisters will lead to younger folks wanting to storm chase, which is perfectly fine. I mean, Twister is what got me into weather in the first place and has me thinking about chasing myself. Storm chasers help keep us weather aware and informed, potentially saving lives doing what they do. But some may end up doing it for all the wrong reasons, like to blow up online and end up risking their lives for internet fame.

But in the meantime, I’m going to binge some natural disaster movies leading up to opening weekend and hype myself up a bit. I already know that I’ll be buzzing come that Saturday.

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