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Understand The Momentum Of Weight Loss | by Paul Gill | Oct, 2021

Paul Gill

When I weigh myself regularly a few important things happen. 1) I keep my weight in check so it does not go too high or too low (neither is healthy).2) I notice when I go either way there is a point where momentum builds up and the process goes into over drive.

Recently, I was focusing on leaning out. A week into the process I started to lose weight quicker. Too quick! This was bad because when weight comes of quickly you are more likely to be losing muscle mass.

A similar thing happens when I aim to put muscle on, initially it takes a few days to week to get the momentum going upwards, but then there comes a tipping point where I start to pack it on quicker. Which is bad because when too quick I put on fat.

Understanding this is helpful.

You have heard the term skinny fat, that is what happens when you lose weight too quick. You lose more muscle than fat you become a smaller version of yourself. Your fat % is the same or more but there is less of you.

The disadvantages of putting fat on the with muscle are obvious.

This is what I do.

If I am trying to lose weight, I watch for the momentum change (weight comes of too quick). At that point I adjust my training and up my caloric intake. When it slows down I continue.

It does not have to complicated. Just keep an eye on the weight and if you are losing too much and feeling a little low on energy then dial back training and add a few more calories. We are all different so you will have to play around with it to find your sweet spot. It won’t take long.

Another reason this is important is because if you are losing weight and you start to lose muscle, it will stop your fat loss efforts because muscle takes energy from fat. Less muscle means less fat loss.

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