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Understanding Men’s Sexual Behavior | by Chiyaka nyongi | Jan, 2024

Understanding Men’s Sexual Behavior

It’s often challenging for women to grasp why men have such a strong inclination towards sex.

– When they offer assistance, they may expect sex in return.
– Expressing love often comes with the desire for sex.
– Staying overnight might signal an expectation for sex.
– Requests for money or job opportunities may be intertwined with sexual desires.
– Even academic favors might come with sexual expectations.

It’s crucial to recognize the inner workings of men. They didn’t design themselves.

Did you know that 95% of healthy men wake up with an erection? It’s not a conscious choice.
The male anatomy sometimes acts independently, regardless of circumstance.

A man could be engrossed in reading his Bible and still experience arousal.
Even during sleep, erections can occur spontaneously or be triggered by external stimuli.

Ever wondered why men don’t have menstrual cycles or mood swings? That’s their biological makeup.
Men tend to be naturally predisposed towards sexual readiness, sometimes misinterpreting innocent gestures as sexual cues.

This isn’t about spirituality or invoking religious phrases.

That’s why many religious institutions discourage provocative attire in front rows to prevent distraction.
Men didn’t program themselves with high libidos; it’s inherent.

We’re all made in the image of God. The only recorded instance of overcoming sexual urges is attributed to Jesus Christ.
Great men have succumbed to temptation, often with dire consequences.

Even soldiers in the heat of battle can be swayed by sexual desires, leading to fatal distractions.

David’s indiscretion with Bathsheba, Sampson’s downfall, and Solomon’s many wives serve as cautionary tales.

It takes divine grace, discipline, and maturity to tame these primal instincts.
Men’s physiological responses to sexual stimuli differ significantly from women’s.

While some women have succumbed to sexual temptations, the frequency is notably lower.
Next time a man behaves impulsively due to sexual urges, understand it’s a response to nature, not savagery.

Instead of condemning, strive for realistic comprehension.
Men should also learn to distinguish between natural impulses and appropriate behavior.

Men are marvelously created, but self-control is imperative.

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