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Unlocking New Fears Every Damn Day | by Nancy Chaudhary | Apr, 2024

Remember when the scariest things were homework deadlines and finding a spider in the shower? #SimplerTimes. Fast forward to adulting, and our fear list is longer than our student loan debt.

It’s like we unlocked “Hard Mode” on the game of life. Every day throws a fresh batch of anxieties at us – job interviews that make us sweat more than a spin class, bills that could buy a small island, and the actual horror movie that is adulting without WiFi (#NeverForget).

Gone are the days of hiding under the covers from imaginary monsters. Now we’re dodging responsibilities like Neo dodging bullets in the Matrix, with imposter syndrome whispering “you’re a fraud” in our ear.

And let’s not even get started on FOMO – amplified by the endless #blessed posts on our feeds. It’s a constant battle to keep up with the Kardashians (or at least appear to on Insta).

But here’s the tea: facing these fears is how we level up. Each conquered anxiety is a badge of honor, proving we’re adulting like absolute bosses.

So, let’s raise a glass (of mimosa, duh) to embracing the adulting rollercoaster, fears and all. Because guess what? It’s what makes us strong AF, adaptable AF, and totally #WorthIt.

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