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Maari Singfield

It has been a long week and weekend. On Friday, I spoke to my oncologist in Ottawa and found out I don’t qualify for the study he is conducting. This means I’ll be starting treatment through the Gatineau Hospital. From what I know so far, this chemotherapy will be oral pills rather than through an IV. I haven’t done this specific chemo drug before, but I have had chemo orally and the side effects were easier to manage. I should be starting treatment this week, I’ll speak with my oncologist on Wednesday and will have an ECG of my heart tomorrow (Tuesday). As I’m writing this I realize I don’t actually know what an ECG does. Thanks to google, I just learned that it checks your hearts function by measuring the electrical current your heart produces with each beat. The test will make sure my heart is in good shape to handle chemo.

I have been in a whole lotta pain this week. Most of the pain has been in my head and my right hip. Cannabis is a huge help to deal with pain and all the anxiety that comes with it. Writing this post was especially difficult, as pain makes it really hard to have a positive mindset. Jack and the dogs have been keeping me moving with walks to the river. Fitzy is still swimming most days, even though it is chilly!

I am over the moon grateful for all of the love that has been sent our way. I was very nervous posting the first blog and felt like a superstar with the responses you sent (so why am I so nervous posting the second?). Thank you for all the vegetarian and vegan recipes, the words “ I like tofu” came out of Jack’s mouth today, so it’s a big day. We celebrate every win we can!

Hoping to post again soon with an update on treatment plans!

PS — Jack and I are planning our honeymoon and dreaming of somewhere with beaches and warm weather and good food (we’re going in June!) If you have destination suggestions, send em my way!

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