Vedicline Flower Power Facial (Professional) | by Samirsingh | Apr, 2024

Enjoy the rejuvenating and calming effects of our Flower Power Facial Kit while indulging in the opulent scents of jasmine, magnolia, white lily, and lavender. Additionally, treat yourself to a spa-quality skincare experience with these expertly chosen face kits.

1. Jasmine Cleansing Scrub: This opulent scrub blends the relaxing scent of jasmine with a mild exfoliation of natural particles. This scrub not only removes excess oil, dead skin cells, and impurities with ease, but it also gets your skin ready for the next steps of the facial, leaving it glowing, smooth, and clean.
2. Magnolia Massage Cream: For a calming massage, this cream offers an opulent glide. It also helps to relax tense muscles, increase the sensation of well-being, and improve circulation as it smoothly melts into the skin.
3. White Lily Passion Pack: Soak up the invigorating properties of this pack. This luxurious pack deeply nourishes and revitalizes the skin because it contains the essence of white lilies. It helps firm and tone the skin while leaving behind a calming effect as it sets. The end effect is a complexion that is radiant and renewed.
4. Lavender Gloss Serum: This light serum instantly absorbs and leaves your skin with a radiant finish. Turn your skin around with this serum. This serum soothes, balances, and hydrates the skin while being rich in the calming qualities of lavender. It also serves as a barrier that keeps moisture in and encourages a naturally radiant complexion.

Add this wonderful blend of botanical wonders to your Flower Power Facial to round it out. Moreover, allow the soothing.

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