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Warning signs your body is telling you. | by Aprentice | Dec, 2021

You are in big trouble if you ignore them.

Sometimes, we are taught to ignore the illneses that we encounter, because usually when you think about them, they tend to be worse.

But there are some cases where those subtle signs can represent symptoms of a disease, infection, or injury.

I don’t pretend to be a doctor, but I searched the web to find some major health concerns that I think should be considered common-sense to mitigate risks early on. I will give the references for further details.

I always thought that having dry eyes are because of multiple nightstands in front of the computer, but this can’t be always the case.

But it can be a symptom of Sjögren’s syndrome. It is an autoimmune disease that affect the entire body. You can also notice dry mouth, fatigue and joint pain, But other dysfunctions in the internal organs are not noticeable.

Unless you did a deliberate change in your diet, or your exercice program, this can rise concerns. Losing weight for no obvious reason can be a symptom of Stomach cancer.

Where gaining weight without changing your habits could be a symptom of Hypothyroidism; your metabolism slow down, due to the unactivity of the thyroid glands.

There is growing awareness about this symptom in the latest years, which is good thing. But there are other similar signs that are not known.

Back, jaw, stomach, or arms pain for no reason are also signs that signal heart disease. If they are frequent, you should call the emergency right away.

There is an increase in people seeking medical attention due to this factor. It is related to many health issues, including high blood pressure, low blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid disease, anemia, dehydration and heart conditions.

You can detect it by having disturbances in your vision, and your inner hearing.

While this is a good sign during exercice, because it signales that you are puhing yourself. But its not always the case.

Heavy sweating may also be a sign of thyroid problems, diabetes or heart issues. If you notice it for no reason, be sure to visit a physician.

Millions of people experience hair loss every year, the American Academy of Dermatology says if it begins suddenly, it could be due to an illness.

There are multiple reasons for it, thyroid disease, anemia, excessive long term stress, not enough sleep, toxic chemicals in the products you use to wash it.

You must learn to pay attention to your body, as it gives some clear and honest signals about your health, even before detecting disease by doctors.

Doing this will buy you valuable time for managing the risks of illnesses in the future, before you develop greater effects.

So Take care of yourself.

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