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“We live in extreme times”.. “We live in extreme times”. We may have… | by Daniel Hernández | Sep, 2021

Daniel Hernández

“We live in extreme times”. We may have heard or even used this expression to refer to the political, economic and social instability in different parts of the world, to war conflicts, terrorist attacks, radical ideologies and how can we forget the current pandemic, which has changed our daily lives in many ways.

However, there is one problem to which the phrase “extreme times” applies literally, and that is that no one can deny that the climate of our planet is going through a dark time. While certain areas of the world are experiencing severe heat waves that in turn cause serious droughts or forest fires, in other places people are crying out for help due to high rainfall causing floods with human and economic losses.

Recently there has been volcanic activity such as the incident on the Spanish Island of La Palma and the Volcano of Fuego in Guatemala that emanate more greenhouse gases causing global warming and the melting of the poles, not encouraging events. The situation is so serious that a decade ago a magazine specialized in these issues said that “climate change is as serious a threat as nuclear weapons”.

The truth is that such events do not surprise the viewer because of their striking frequency. Moreover, a very old book such as the Bible already described what the environmental condition would be like in our times: “Then Jesus said to them, ‘Nation will fight against nation and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes and, in one place after another, famines and epidemics. And there shall be seen fearful sights and great signs from heaven,” says the Bible in Luke 21:10, 11. Although data such as “epidemics” and “wars” mentioned in the biblical quotation are impressive, we highlight “earthquakes” alluding to current natural phenomena, such as climate change, which cause misfortunes and suffering to people.

Now, although it is true that God’s word already warned about the climate decontrol of our times, could it also tell us if God is punishing us with these misfortunes? The Bible answers this question with a resounding “NO”. The biblical letter James 1:13 says: “Let no one say during a trial, “God is testing me.” For by evil things no one can test God, nor does he test anyone.” It is clear that God does not cause the misfortunes of the world nor does he enjoy that good people suffer.

But could the Bible bring comfort to the victims of natural disasters? What can we do if one of these tragedies takes us by surprise? Will our planet ever recover and provide a peaceful and hospitable climate for the enjoyment of life? To find the answers we invite you to visit the following link…

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