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“Calories in / calories out” definitely matters, but often there are additional metabolic changes a person needs to make before fat loss efforts can be permanently effective.

Our naturopathic physicians can assess your digestive function, help you heal up your gut function and correct nutritional deficiencies that interfere with successful fat loss.

Naturopathic medicine is rooted in the optimal function of your digestion and elimination, and your ND is the premier expert in optimizing your relationship with food.

At Natura Health and Wellness, we are committed to a whole, fresh, plant based diet. You will not be asked to lose weight using powders and potions, then have to figure out how to re enter real world cooking and eating.

Your ND will assist your fat loss with specific whole foods, customized to your individual, genetically based characteristics, along with the on going support that research shows is essential for life long success.

Montanans can enjoy the fact that our state ranks among the lowest in the nation for adult obesity. Researchers tie this statistic to the value we put on outdoor recreation, as well as the agricultural nature of our state economy

That’s the good news. Here’s the rest of what is true about us:

  • 25.3 percent of adult Montanans are obese, AND!
  • 25 percent of adults in Montana get ZERO physical exercise
  • 36.6 percent of adult Montanans eat less than one fruit a day

Worse news, is that we are failing our children. 10.8 percent of Montana’s kids age 10 to 17 are obese. We rank 47 out of 51 among all states and the District of Columbia.

You probably already know this Losing fat and keeping it off is neither quick, or easy. To lose fat, we have to change our behaviors. The average amount of time it takes to change habits is 66 days; the range can be anywhere between 18 days and 254 days.

At Natura Health and Wellness, we will engage your readiness to commit with a plan that will support you through all stages of fat loss. We stick with you until you have lost what you want to, and have experienced success at maintaining your new body composition. You can expect kindness, celebration of your strengths, an effective plan, and guidance on the most efficient journey to your weight loss goals.

We will identify what is in the way of you losing excess fat, help you heal up and move through fat loss to vibrant, energetic comfort in your body, teach you what you need to know to problem solve with confidence, and celebrate with you the spiritual peace that comes with loving self discipline in your food and exercise choices.

Folks are successful with long term weight loss when fat loss becomes a priority that cannot be ignored; when you are ready and able to learn and practice new habits for the invigorated joy and inner peace and contentment that lovindisciplinecipline brings.

When you are ready to show up, we are here to help.

  • How we eat to lose weight is different from a healthy life long diet.
  • Transitioning successfully from a fat loss diet to a healthy life long diet is only beginning to be understood. Specifics for success include the metabolic retraining period (5 to 10 or more weeks), and support that works with the habits of thought and feelings around food and eating behaviors.
  • Transitioning to a lifelong healthy diet is a lifelong effort that requires information, commitment to loving self discipline and ongoing support.
  • Very regular exercise to maintain appropriate muscle strength and tone is an absolute requirement. We cannot eat a diet that is nutritious enough on as few calories as would be required especially as we age, if we are not active and strong.
  • 90% of people who lose weight do not keep it off, because they do not have the necessary long term support. In one study that was typical of all similar studies:

Attending >75% of follow up visits = 92% kept weight off.

51–75% of follow up visits = 90% kept weight off.

<51% of follow up visits = 72% kept weight off.

Self monitored patients = zero kept weight off.

When you come in to learn about what a fat loss plan for you includes, your naturopathic doctor will first listen to your story we will want to know what it’s been like being you in your body, what your relationship with food has been, and what your current goals are. Come prepared to review your health history for information that relates to weight gain and loss. There are certain lab tests that will inform your ND what your health status is currently, including both familiar things like blood sugar and cholesterol, plus thyroid, adrenal, kidney and liver function. Digestive assessment is key as is a very simple and inexpensive genetic element that identifies best and worst foods for you.

When you and your ND are clear about your goals, next steps include ordering any additional testing needed to address what has been in the way of your success so far. This initial assessment will clarify whether your system is ready to engage a fat loss plan immediately, or whether there are elements of your health that needs to be restored first.

Once you are ready to commit to habit changing and active fat loss, you will receive a specific to you eating and exercise plan. You will be asked to keep a journal of what your eat and drink. Your success with the plan is tracked with a simple at-home urine test. You will need a food scale that measures in grams. You will be asked to commit to brief weekly monitoring visits that are a proven essential element to your long term success.

At Natura Health and Wellness, fat loss is part of your over-all wellness and as all things naturopathic, how it is accomplished is through a specific to you, personalized plan. To learn about the basic elements of the plans we customize for, read more here:

Is it happening to you, or a loved one? What can be done? COME SEE US AT NATURA HEALTH AND WELLNESS! and we can help you sort that out.

There is currently no known cure for the damage to brain cells that results in dementia.

We do know how to slow the process, delay the progression and preserve quality of life.

There is great hope for prevention, as well. Naturopathic physicians at Natura Health and Wellness excel at enhancing your capacities to prevent unnecessary decline.

Knowledge is key, as well as support for your capacity to change. At Natura Health and Wellness, our doctors are teachers. We know you want to understand what is happening, and what you can do about it. When it comes to dementia, the earlier in life we learn what’s required, the more likely we will be able to incorporate habits and choices that minimize age-related cognitive losses. WE CAN TEACH YOU HOW TO PROTECT YOUR BRAIN!

At Natura Health and Wellness, we have the tools and experience to assess your current status, your future risk, and how your daily habits are problematic or protective when it comes to developing dementia.

Naturopathic physicians are the premier experts in preventative medicine. Why wait until damage is impacting quality of life? We do not develop dementia because of a deficiency of prescription drugs. At Natura Health and Wellness, we will guide you to life-enhancing natural medicines and behavior choices that protect your body, mind and spirit as you age.

At your first appointment for cognitive decline assessment, we will listen to your experiences, and note what your personal priorities are. You will learn how we determine your genetic risk of Alzheimer’s disease, and what elements of your health history may impact your risk. You will leave your first appointment with a plan for investigating in detail through lab testing and quick, easy memory checks, what elements of your nutrition and daily habits can be adjusted to your advantage. You will also leave with immediate action steps, a list of things you can do, starting immediately, to begin to address what you may already be grappling with, and all that you wish to avoid in the future. Follow up testing provides feedback on effectiveness, and facilitates on-going optimizing your plan of care

What if it’s your parent you are concerned about, or someone already suffering a significant decline? Come in, and let us help you determine a realistic, do-able approach to optimizing your family’s experience with a beloved in decline. Care-giving is a family affair, and care-givers need support as much as the person effected by memory loss.

Naturopathic medicine offers individualized solutions for brain cell health from a global perspective, incorporating botanical medicines and cutting-edge nutritional elements that show promise in new research, as well as treatments proven by long use in traditional practices.

At Natura Health and Wellness our naturopathic physicians have decades of experience offering safe, effective and cost-effective and personalized treatment. Let us help you sort the substantial evidence from the hype, and make the most of your family’s functional time together. You do not have to be collateral damage in a long battle with brain death. We can support care-givers to maintain their own mental and physical well-being while on this difficult road.

Cognitive decline requires diagnosis by a medical specialist in neurology. Many essential services for folks experiencing cognitive decline will require a relationship with a neurologist. If you are not yet established and need neurological services, your naturopathic physician at Natura Health and Wellness will assist with an appropriate referral. We value the assessment and treatments offered by our medical colleagues and will participate actively to inform your health care team regarding our contributions to your care.

Dr. Dunne has been treating families in all life stages with natural medicines, for over 30 years. She has recent experience assisting hundreds of families with patients at end of life, a significant portion of whom struggled with dementia. She is certified to administer and score the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, a structured assessment tool designed for primary care physicians in clinical practice. The MoCA has superior ratings for sensitivity and specificity in predicting risk for developing dementia. Dr. Dunne uses this inexpensive tool for initial assessment and at intervals to assess treatment efficacy.

Come in, start the conversation. At Natura Health and Wellness, we can help you ease your mind.

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