Welcome to The Rise of the Helping DAO | by Oz Sultan | Nov, 2021

Travis Wright Launching the Sol Shaman project at NFT.NYC

Over the past 11 months, I’ve been fighting Stage III Cancer.

I shared this with my friends across Facebook a week ago, and now I’m sharing it publicly with you.

There’s an important story that needs to be known about Cancer — and how we’re planning to do something about it.

I was diagnosed last December and went from a cash positive situation with a nice portfolio of cryptocurrencies to having to sell off most of what I owned before Bitcoin’s ATH run. As an entrepreneur — I also had to release clients and watch my savings quickly erode — and no matter how good your healthcare is, this disease is horribly expensive.

You’ll lose friends. Family will be tested. Your children will cry and be tortured to watch you go through this. Things you set aside will be spent. You’ll be at risk of losing your home.

I personally went through 8 transfusions of 2–3 pints at a time; as the chemo ravaged my body and took me from a healthy 220 lbs to 147 lbs; leaving me a skeleton of myself — fighting to rebuild.

Oh, and you will go bald. In my case left with scraggles of a beard…

Post-Biopsy and Stage III Cancer Diagnosis

You’ll have doctors that look at you as a guinea pig and recommend end of life chemo as a further course — and when you can barely move and can’t walk — you’ll have to make tough decisions.

This is a disease that will gut you physically and financially. It will leave you sullen.

And, as with me — beginning the path to remission; leveraging a few alternative therapies after 4 rounds of chemotherapy to fight off what’s left; you’ll find yourself fighting depression; clinging to God in prayer and be forced to research better solutions by yourself.

This is a disease unlike anything else — regardless of how well off you are, Cancer will rip you apart. It will destroy you physically and the post chemotherapy neuropathy will give you good days, where you can be at about 50–60% of who you were previously. For every few good days, you’ll have bad days; where you can’t move or you’re reduced to hobbling around. Your friends and colleagues won’t understand. And you’ll have to rebuild your body from scratch. That process can take years. I’m only getting started.

And across the course of a Cancer fight — you’ll see many of your succumb to the same disease — in it’s various forms. I counted at least 10 on FB this year alone. It will frighten you to your core. You will have to pull the strength to fight.

After Round 2 of Chemo and my fourth transfusion, you have to try and keep a sense of humor.

If you make it. It’s like playing the hard level on SimCity, except you’ll have to start in debt. You’ll have to rebuild your psyche. You will have to fight to live. You will have to mentally commit to being a survivor. And with all this — there’s still a risk you won’t make it.

While I lay in a hospital bed — the Crypto Industry that I work in experienced Bitcoin prices going through the roof. NFTs and the BAYC community redefined collectables and the world changed.

With theses changes, I saw an opportunity — one to not only help myself — but to help others. An opportunity to leave a legacy; an opportunity to help others, in the same need as myself.

Because after Cancer — you’ll worry what’s next.

The Cryptocurrency market and the rise of NFTs gave me an idea.

What if we launched an NFT that could be used to help me, but more importantly help others. Not just once, but continually over time.

So, lying in bed and unable to walk — I reached out to Travis Wright, Alyze Sam, Jay Moore, Joel Comm and a few other friends with an idea. Whatsapp is a wonderous thing.

I asked — What if we launched an NFT set and took half of the proceeds (after costs and a portion going to my ongoing care) and invested it in a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), that would invest those returns, in DeFi (Decentralized Finance) Protocols — multiplying that money every year?

And at the end of every year — holders of the NFTs would be able to nominate Cancer patients, survivors or the needy — to receive a grant, of at least $50,000 — which would never have to be paid back.

A grant that could restart their future. A grant that could help them out of debt. A grant that could feed their children. A grant that could help them back to life.

That set will be launched this month and is called Sol Shamans — which will be built on the Solana blockchain ecosystem. It’ll feature designs from a number of notable artists including Gustavo Adolfo Rodriguez — and it’ll have art that surpasses what was seen in the Blockchain Heroes NFT collection

Pre-Cancer, I was an old-timey NFT…in the Blockchain Heroes set

And with Caitlin Long’s creation of the DAO as a legal entity (like a corporation), in Wyoming. We decided to do just that.

So welcome to the Helping DAO.

The Helping DAO is a new model for DAOs designed to allow for Crypto funds to be staked or leveraged within a new corporate model-set up as a charity tied to a 501(c)3 for full charitable purposes. Jay Moore, of Prasaga, will setup an independent administration board — who will oversee the DAO we’re creating.

The DAO will operate in perpetuity, evaluating investments quarterly and re-investing for better growth opportunities. This will leave a legacy that keeps giving, well into the future.

Our goal is to shave off $500k — 1M per year, of Defi yield; and allow the holders of the Sol Shamans NFT collection, (that funds the DAO), to nominate Cancer patients, Cancer survivors, their families, or folks in need, for grants.

The goal is also to tell a new story. One of hope within the Cryptocurrency community. A community that has seen phenomenal growth; and people turned into millionaires, in very short periods of time; with Bitcoin and even SHIB token holdings.

As a community — we need to start thinking about giving back. Giving back to those we love. Giving back to those we care about. Giving back to those with disease. Giving back to the families who lost loved ones. Even Giving back to folks who may have suffered too much under COVID.

The Helping DAO — which ties a Wyoming DAO corporate structure to a 501(c)3 Charity is the way forward. One could even tie it to a 501(c)4 and accept funds through alternative means — increasing their DAO’s ability to Give exponentially. That’s the potential of this model. It could revolutionize everything from giving to UBI with Blockchain traceability. Because a charity needs to be audited to ensure recipients get what it promises.

Our goal is to create the first model of Hope within the community. Because from our hearts to yours; this is a project of love. This is a project for recovery. This is a project for re-starts. And this is a project to help those living in remembrance of loved ones past.

Please share this piece with your friends. Your followers. Your Community.

Please share this with a VC or a funder. Come up with your own ideas and feel free to tap myself or Jay, for help on structuring. The Helping DAO is designed for the future of how we help. And it’s a legacy that I want to leave — a legacy that looks to help others with love.

Look to new models beyond this as well, and think of this as an anchor in a sea of crypto wealth that sets our sails towards a future — one where we help one another.

Live well. And be good to others. Because we’re all we’ve got.

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