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Natural candles have recently been considered more popular and safer among people. They are produced from vegetable oils and emit a pleasant smell to the environment, as well as reduce the stress level thanks to their calming and relaxing aromas.

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Paraffin is used to make synthetic waxes that are widely available on the market. Candles, whose raw material is known as petroleum, are extremely dangerous. Chemical toxins are harmful to human health because they can stay in the air for a long time. Paraffin is also used in industries such as cosmetics and textiles. Inhaling large amounts of paraffin increases the risk of discomfort. In natural waxes, however, none of these negative effects are observed. They are completely healthy products compared to other chemical oil types.

They are obtained from the oils of plants such as soybean, sunflower and palm. It has 100% organic qualities. Natural waxes last 50% longer than synthetic waxes. It creates an economically viable option.
They are environmentally friendly.

So, can we produce your own natural candle after arranging the necessary materials in your own home? This is of course possible, the most preferred is the soy wax variety. It is very easy to make candles at home by melting soy waxes prepared from soybean oil.

Soy wax is known to increase focus and motivation. So much so that people who cannot provide the necessary concentration while doing a job say that their focus is more effective after using natural herbal wax. Fragrant essential oils put in it further strengthen this effect. These oils, which contain many different scents, especially orange, lavender, tangerine, cinnamon and coffee scents, are added to natural candles.

Since they are 100% herbal, they are preferred by asthma patients. Not to mention the beauty of the scents it spreads into the air.

When talking about natural candles, it is not without mentioning that the wax obtained from the honeycomb made by bees is used in making natural candles. Beeswax has important benefits. The honey aroma it spreads creates a pleasant scent. It allows people with upper respiratory tract disease to breathe more easily.

People who have trouble sleeping prefer these natural candles, which have a relaxing and calming effect. It strengthens memory and relieves stress.

These candles, which are made from both paraffin and natural oils, can be manufactured as desired. Whether you use it for healing purposes or as a decoration for your home, candles are the most pleasant accessories of our house from the middle ages to this time.

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