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Since time immemorial, we have been exploring beauty products without being aware of what these widely used products are made of. However, only recently have we started questioning the ingredients that are used in these products. With growing consciousness around this aspect of the beauty and cosmetic industry, the concept of clean beauty has evolved and is rapidly growing for women all across the world.

While clean beauty sounds exciting and has a safe connotation to it, do we truly know what clean beauty means?

Non-Toxic Ingredients

It’s important to be aware that a clean beauty brand is characterised by having 0 toxic ingredients. Clean beauty brands create products that strictly consist of non-toxic ingredients that are safe for human health as well as the environment.

Following are some of the toxic ingredients that no clean beauty product should have :

Parabens — Parabens are a family of chemicals that are used as artificial preservatives in cosmetic products. This harmful chemical has been linked to disrupting hormones in the body and harming fertility and reproductive organs, affecting birth outcomes and increasing the risk of cancer.

Formaldehyde — A known carcinogen, formaldehyde is used as a preservative to prolong shelf life and prevent bacterial contamination in beauty products. This human carcinogen is associated with an increased risk of nasopharyngeal and sinonasal cancers, as well as a type of leukaemia. It is possible for this chemical to show up in products even when it is not listed as an ingredient as a byproduct of manufacturing.

Synthetic fragrance — Manufacturers have the option to not disclose the exact mix of chemicals and ingredients that go into creating a particular fragrance. These ingredients are capable of causing skin irritation, hormonal imbalance, and worse.

PEGs (polyethene glycols) — PEGs are petroleum-based compounds that are found in many skin creams, lotions, soaps, hair products and shower gels. PEGs are often prone to get contaminated with ethylene oxide and 1,4-dioxane based on the manufacturing process of a product. These two compounds are suspected to be human carcinogens and nervous system irritants.

Clean Beauty Doesn’t Have to Mean Organic Beauty

While organic ingredients are frequently found in clean beauty products, they are not required for the product to be deemed clean. While it’s always good to have organic ingredients, ingredients utilised aren’t always hazardous just because they’re not organic.

Clean Beauty Is Not Necessarily “All-Natural”

The majority of people have this perception that clean beauty needs to only comprise of natural ingredients.

While everyone would prefer natural ingredients over synthetic ingredients, the industry has progressed to the point where synthetic chemicals are completely safe to use.

Preservatives are an excellent example. While preservative-free cosmetics and skincare is becoming more popular, some sort of preservation is typically required in the composition of cosmetic products. This is because bacteria, mould, and fungus may quickly develop in water-based cosmetics.

Synthetic substances are allowed in clean beauty as long as they are 100% confirmed to be non-toxic and safe to use.

Labelling That Is Truthful

Providing transparent information is another essential element of any clean cosmetic brand company. This entails being completely transparent about all of the product’s ingredients. As previously stated, companies are permitted to conceal their specific scent components under the umbrella word “fragrance,” which is very ambiguous. This is something that no true clean beauty brand would undertake.

While there are many indicators of a clean beauty brand, it is crucial that we do our own in-depth research and decide what is safe for us and the environment.

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