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What happens to those who love themselves | by Ariel Cass | Jan, 2024

Can you safely say that you love yourself — unconditionally and free of charge? If yes, congratulations, this is really very important for a fulfilling life. If not…stay with me!

The concept of “self-love” is often confused with “narcissism.” In reality, these are completely different things that are in no way connected with each other. Narcissism, on the contrary, is based on self-dislike. Because of this, outwardly a person tries to rise up (often at the expense of other people). The basis of sincere and real self-love is complete acceptance, compassion, mercy and faith. And, believe me, with this resource you can achieve anything.

What happens to a person who loves himself?

First of all, he is in complete harmony with his own inner world. There are no “fighting actions” inside him, conflicts related to the fact that he acts contrary to his inner motives. He is whole and knows himself as he really is.

A person who truly loves himself sees the world as easy and friendly towards him. He feels safe to be where he is and to communicate with those with whom he communicates.

This person is confident, no matter what situation he finds himself in. His internal resource, which is always within him, provides the energy that is necessary for productive solving of problems and life tasks.

“I only recently realized what it means to love yourself. All the time I thought that I loved her, but after another unsuccessful marriage I realized that I didn’t. My relationships with men were built on the fact that I was always ready to help, support, give my last, sacrificing my needs. The partners, of course, did not appreciate this and did not even notice. They took everything for granted. I complained about fate that I came across the “wrong” ones, but then I realized that it was all about me. I ignored my “I”. While working with a psychologist, I managed to get in touch with myself and I don’t want to lose it anymore,” says Margarita

Remember that you are already a full-fledged and self-sufficient person who deserves love and kindness. Accept your inner resource, notice it and start using it productively — for the benefit of yourself and your development. Over time, you will learn to love yourself, accepting yourself with all your strengths and weaknesses. You are whole.

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