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The accelerating population growth in the last 50 years has increased the demand for food worldwide. On the other hand, some industrial solutions have started to be used in the food industry to meet the increasing need. Artificially produced colorants, flavors, etc. have been used in foods in the laboratory environment.

Natural food product; It means a food item that does not contain a chemical or artificial product in its content.

For example, natural colorants are natural plant extracts from various plants. However, some food colorants are artificially produced as a result of various processes in the laboratory environment. Since there is no obvious difference in taste, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between a natural product and a food product containing a chemical product. But if you are careful and trust your tongue, you will immediately notice the difference between an artificial product and a natural product.

I’m sure you’ve seen the chemicals listed on the packaging of many snacks. I don’t want to tell you what they are here, but I’m sure you’ve seen it.

Aroma is the essence of the food item that gives it its distinctive smell. Natural aromas are substances in the content of the plant that gives it its unique taste and smell. It is naturally found in the relevant food. It is the purification of this substance by separating it by various methods. This method is extremely laborious and expensive.

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Artificial flavor, on the other hand, is the production of substances similar to the taste and smell of the relevant food in the laboratory environment by various chemical processes. For example, the natural orange flavor is the essence of orange fruit, which is separated from orange fruits by various physical processes.

Artificial orange flavor, on the other hand, is an artificial substance with an orange-like taste and odor produced as a result of the reaction of various chemicals in a chemical reactor.

Natural flavors are much more expensive than artificial flavors because the production of natural flavors is laborious and difficult.

If a product is a natural food, it should not contain artificial substances.

For this reason, you can consume foodstuffs produced with traditional methods. Foodstuffs produced without any chemical additives are natural foodstuffs. For example, there is no artificial substance in a cheese produced with the same methods for hundreds of years. For this reason, cheese produced by traditional methods is a natural food product since it does not contain artificial substances.

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