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CASPer stands for Computer-Based Assessment for Sampling Personal Characteristics. It is a test that assesses a medical resident’s people’s skills. It’s an online exam where you’re presented a situation and given three questions to respond to it. It’s made up of 12 sections and each section either will have a video of a situation or a written paragraph of something that has happened. Within the five minutes you will have to respond to each question. The exam has a limit of an hour and it’s important to make use of all the time allocated to the test.

Use up the entire five minutes for each section! You might finish a section early but Residents Medical advises to make the most of the five minutes you’re given to check your work or rewrite a response that needs improvement. It’s imperative to answer the questions adequately and thoroughly. Take time to reflect on the video you just saw or the scenario you just read so you don’t catch yourself having repetitive responses as well.

When carrying out this exam make sure you are in a quiet place with no disturbances. This will secure your focus on the exam and allow you to perform better on it.

The CASPer exam requires you to do a Systems Requirements Check to ensure your camera, internet, and computer are all functional to conduct the online exam. This ensures you don’t have any technical difficulties when taking the exam. CASPer sample tests are available online at the Altus Suite website:

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