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What is stopping you from building a healthy habit? | by Dr.Manjunath | Jan, 2022


We all know that eating nutritious foods may make us feel better and live longer lives. Perhaps you’ve previously attempted to eat healthier, get more exercise or sleep, quit smoking, or reduce stress. It’s not an easy task. However, research shows that you can improve your ability to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s discouraging to face setbacks while attempting to make healthy adjustments and achieve a goal. The good news is that decades of study have shown that change is feasible, and there are tried-and-true techniques you can employ to go ahead.

Things you do on a regular basis, such as brushing your teeth or drinking a few drinks every night, can become habits. Repetitive actions that make you feel good can have an effect on your brain, forming habits that can be difficult to break. Habits frequently become automatic — they occur without much thought. The first step in altering your behaviour is to become conscious of what you do on a daily basis. Examine your behaviour for trends and what causes the harmful habits you wish to alter. You may generate new patterns by disrupting existing ones.


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