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What is the healthiest food we can eat? | by Maahira Khan | Nov, 2021

the healthiest food to include in your diet.

Maahira Khan

Food is all healthy, It’s the Quantity Intake that makes it Unhealthy for your Body.
However, if you know how to control your Quantity and Calorie Intake you can enjoy almost all types of food without Gaining weight and Health issues.

Since we are here to know what are all the healthiest food we can eat, Let’s see the 5 best healthiest food we can eat.

Leafy Green Vegetables- the fiber content in Greens and leafy Vegetable are very High, and hence vegetables keep digestion going.

Leafy Green Vegetables..!

Beans– They are not only low in calories but also have plenty of fiber — 100g kidney beans contain 21gfibere. Beans are also the purest protein bombs. And is very helpful for people who are vegans and vegetarians.

Different kinds of Beans.

Berries- When it comes to Berries who don’t know its Magic. Berries are high in dietary fiber. And being an exceptional source of fibers, these Wonders includes soluble fiber, and as we all know Soluble fibers slow down the flow of food throughout your digestive tract, leading to reduced hunger and raised feelings of fullness.


Full-Fat Yogurt- Proteins present in yogurt helps in promoting the burning of fats and calories while also regulating your appetite which furthers helps you In Losing weight. Full Fat Yogurt is not only rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus but also, they are rich in B vitamins.

Full-Fat Yogurt

Conclusion– There are several other foods which are found in the lapse of Mother Nature, If only you know how to eat them and make use of them for certain things you will always be amazed by the magic it can create.

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