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When People Deny Reality. There’s a notion floating around that… | by Cassie Francis | Feb, 2024

There’s a notion floating around that suggests poverty is a mere construct and not an actual, tangible state of existence. But if that’s the case, how does one account for the daily struggles and tangible impacts that I, along with countless others, endure?

The empty stomachs, the constant worry about making ends meet, the lack of necessities — aren’t these the very definition of what it means to be impoverished? If poverty isn’t real, then the challenges it imposes shouldn’t be either. Yet they are, and they’re faced by real people every day.

And what about cancer? Some voices claim it’s not a factual illness. But then, how does one rationalize the suffering it causes, the pain that patients endure, and the void left behind when loved ones are taken too soon by this relentless disease?

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My uncle, a man whose kindness and strength were unparalleled, was one such individual claimed by cancer. If cancer doesn’t exist, how do we explain his battle, the treatments he underwent, the hope we clung to, and ultimately, the loss we experienced?

Additionally, some argue that natural disasters, like earthquakes, are not acts of God. Yet, how does one explain the devastation left in their wake? Take Haiti, for instance, where years after seismic tremors tore through the land, many of its people still find themselves in a state of disarray, living amidst ruins that once were their homes, communities, and livelihoods. The suffering and the long-lasting impacts of such natural calamities are a testament to their harsh reality.

The effects of these situations— poverty, illness, natural disasters — are tangible. They are felt deeply and personally by those who experience them. To say they are not real is to negate the lived experiences of millions. These issues are real, and a profound sense of injustice and unfairness comes with that reality.

It’s a stark reminder that, despite our advancements and understanding, we live in a world where suffering is still prevalent, and the randomness of these tragedies can feel both bewildering and cruel. Denying something exists is another way people lie to themselves and others.

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