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When should I visit a Cardiologist? | by Mandeep Kaur | Sep, 2021

Mandeep Kaur

A cardiologist is a Heart Doctor who specializes in treating heart disease and ailments. Because your heart is one of the most stressed organs in your body, it is important to take care of this crucial organ.

When should I visit a Cardiologist?
When should I visit a Cardiologist?

Here are some of the reasons people may consider seeking help, advice, and service from a cardiologist:

Chest pain

While chest pain can contribute to a number of factors unrelated to the heart, chest pressure itself can be a concern because the heart is not getting enough blood. A cardiologist can help determine the cause and suggest the appropriate treatment plan.

Arterial hypertension

Blood pressure is the flow of blood that pushes against the walls of the arteries. If blood pressure levels are chronic, the heart can work much harder to maintain blood flow and increase the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Difficulty breathing, dizziness, or palpitations.

These symptoms can be a sign of an abnormal heart rhythm or coronary artery disease.


Diabetes and heart disease have a strong correlation. Poorly controlled blood sugar and the functioning of your blood vessels can dramatically increase your risk of developing heart disease. The best Cardiologist in Mohali Dr. H.K Bali can help determine what treatment can prevent this risk.

A history of heart disease.

Some types of heart disease can be generic. If one of the parents has had early heart disease, a cardiologist can determine how it affects the risk of it and can suggest preventive strategies or ongoing tests.

Smoking or a history of smoking

It is one of the main preventable risk factors for heart disease. If you have a history of heavy smoking, it may be a good idea to see a doctor.

Nothing is better than having the best heart doctor in Mohali at your service so you can be sure that all your heart issues are taken care of. Having heart disease is not something to be ignored as it can lead to serious conditions like angina, pain in the chest, etc. So, visit an experienced cardiologist who can help you take care of your heart. Contact us today at +91 9646090631.

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