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With one look at the wide green expanse of Hebron Academy’s 1,500-acre campus in Southern Maine, Sophie G immediately knew that it was the school for her.

“The moment I walked onto campus and experienced the open fields, green hills and beautiful views, I felt connected. To be in an environment where you experience nature while walking from class to class and to see the stars at night makes you mindful of this beautiful place where we live,” she recalls.

Hebron Academy

Source: Hebron Academy

Not only does Hebron Academy have all this natural scenery, but being located at the eastern edge of the great White Mountains also makes for plenty of outdoor activities such as skiing, fishing, walking and climbing. What is more, Hebron is home clean air and bright night skies — top perks for students who love to be amongst nature’s mysteries and majesties

Should they want big city sights and sounds, they can travel to Portland — the biggest city in Maine — in less than one hour. Boston takes less than two hours, giving students even more options.

As one of the oldest endowed boarding schools in the US, Hebron Academy — Middle School, High School and Postgraduate — offers day and boarding options as well as co-educational college preparation. Seventy percent of the 250 students — from 15 states and over 20 countries — are boarders.

Hebron follows an innovative four-year liberal arts curriculum with 80 subjects from eight disciplines including 16 Science and Engineering courses and 14 Mathematics courses. They also have 15 AP courses and six English courses for speakers of other languages.

At the same time, Hebron has designed their Academic Programme to follow four key principles: effective communicators, adaptable learners, responsible citizens and being poised to lead. Through this programme, students gain a wide repository of knowledge, know more about themselves, and become more confident in every aspect of life.

The exceptional faculty is another reason why students love Hebron. For one, Hebron’s students can receive individualised attention from the 45 faculty members — five students for every faculty member — since the class size averages 12 students.

Teachers are dedicated to expanding knowledge and building skills in ways that suit the individual students in their classes.

Hebron Academy

Source: Hebron Academy

“The one thing that is really great is how the teachers can adapt their teaching ways to the liking of the class. They are always asking to make sure we’re understanding things and following along well to everything. Teachers also like to use different styles throughout the year and see what works best for us,” Megan enthuses.

Philip from Germany adds that his teachers engage his class in discussions where they are encouraged to share their opinion.

Learning takes place outside classrooms too. With over 50 after school and extra-curricular activities — through Outdoor Education in fall and Winter Pursuits — students can build up their endurance and learn to work together in teams, among other skills.

Aspiring artists and visionaries can pursue their creative skills in visual arts, performing arts, music and middle school arts. With 12 visual and performing arts offerings, and a winter musical every year, the choices are seemingly endless — students can also complete independent projects.

Yet, despite this busy structured schedule, Hebron’s students are able to have enough free time for themselves.

Hebron Academy

Source: Hebron Academy

“There is actually a really good amount of free time, more than I ever expected. In my free time, I do homework, I hang out with friends, I work out, or I chill in my room with my roommates,” Faith enthuses. Others play sports, exercise or even go on grocery trips on weekends.

Besides academics and sports, students receive college counselling from Hebron’s counsellors — many of whom live on campus and thus know their students well — and are aided in their college searches and applications.

Other useful tools include Case Study Night, International Admissions Workshop, Information Night, College Athlete Recruitment Process Presentation, SAT Prep Class and Annual College Fair.

For students who have learning differences or simply need help with their studies, Hebron Academy Guidance Centre’s team of trained professionals and qualified faculty work together with these students, teachers, advisors and Student Support Team. Weekly academic coaching is provided alongside support during evening study hall.

Finally, the postgraduate programme — up to 20 students enroll each year — allows them to enhance their personal growth and development in preparation for college through postgraduate-specific scheduling, advisory programme, access to faculty members and on-campus living.

The result? An impressive 100% of students enter top colleges in the US including Princeton University, Carnegie Mellon University, Dartmouth and Duke.

Truly, Hebron Academy allows you to discover your passion and help you to excel, amidst attractive scenery, incredible support, comprehensive activities and caring teachers.

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