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Why “being positive” and Optimistic isn’t enough | by Beatriz | Oct, 2021

Being positive is not enough, there is inner work to be done, we can’t escape it.

My personal story

While having a positive and optimistic approach to life is essential, I realized that after watching a movie called “The Secret” I constantly found myself disappointed by my life “results”, since I really didn’t understand that just being optimistic and positive after watching this movie…wasn’t enough!

Before I became aware of how manifestation and “positivity” really works, I kept repeating positive affirmations mentally, without even taking them to heart /feeling them.

I just didn’t know or understand the importance of embodiment or the fact that the heart is more than just an organ and has powerful energy, or that I had to resolve my subconscious beliefs and fears first, in order to then truly start to embody these new positive affirmations to heart. So these can truly integrate in my energy system as a new authentic belief/emotion.

I found myself constantly frustrated, trying to control the outcomes of my life, repeating positive affirmations daily, sticking them around my house. I also learned there is no shortcut to abundance, wounds need to heal first in order to be able to live our life to the fullest, and that means walking right into our shadows, feeling it all, and then releasing it.

If I were to ignore or put off my deepest subconscious fears, these would creep up to me eventually and interfere negatively with my life at some point. When we state positive affirmations and initiate bold choices, we tend to trigger our deepest wounds by the way, which then resist our best positive attempts to shift our lives for the better.

Fear never serves us, this is an illusion

When we state positive affirmations, our fears get triggered because we are starting to change our lives, and we all have some sort of fear around “change”. That means that if we desire to make powerful shifts from within, without our fears getting triggered, we need to resolve those fears first. We must feel safe with anything in life that we desire, in order to manifest it.

This process revealed other underlying fears I had NO clue I had in my energy system, which felt terrifying at first. Although the more I evolved and understood the purpose and benefits of it, the more I could surrender and feel safer and free. Through this process I also moved closer into manifestation in my life, its essential to understand this is an ongoing healing journey … this is why its called “awakening” not “awakened”.

This also means that we don’t necessarily have to do things we would LOVE to do while feeling Fearful…these may be released and the experience enjoyed fully from the beginning! I’ve done this many times, with public speaking, impostor syndrome, going live online, etc…and IT SURE WORKS… people have asked me how I was able to stay grounded in these different events.

These cool techniques speed up the human evolution process and also lead to the clearing of any obstacles (relationships, financial, health) that are in the way and helps us connect to our intuition and purpose with more clarity.

It just really needs consistency and discipline because some fears are much more deeply engrained in our system than others, depending on our traumas…if we stop doing it because we feel more grounded at some point, then the roots of the fear will likely re-grow…some fears really need more work, and consistency than others.

Anyway, what did I personally do ?

What are some other ideas that are known to be helpful in the long term?

  • Techniques to resolve the root of all negative emotions which is Un-resolved Fear. “A world without FEAR” by John Jones.
  • Joe Dispenza’s meditations- Heart and Brain Coherence.
  • Conscious Spiritual Coaching and support. A mentor is always very helpful, its empowering.
  • Qi gong practice is amazing to release negative emotions, I LOVE IT
  • Hypnosis
  • Sanskrit Mantras
  • EFT (The emotional freedom technique) “tapping”
  • Gentle Yoga
  • Free dancing

These have surely shifted my life. Change is inevitable, it can’t be avoided, the better we learn to adapt to it and accept it, the happier we will become. Letting ourselves Feel our feelings, any feelings without judgement, is the way to freedom from them and ultimately joy.

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