Why Brands Should Use More Plant Based Fabric? | by Dinesh Exports | Dec, 2021

Dinesh Exports

Plant based fabrics are on the rise. There are many reasons for it. In 2017, a bunch of scientists from the French national research institute went up above 2877 meters above sea level at the Pic du Midi Observatory. Between the month of June and October, these researchers took samples of the air, which was considered clean, to test for pollutions. The French hill station is called a “clean station”. Until that study, people believed that there are places on earth where pollution does not reach. But this study totally changed the way thought about pollution.

After testing the air samples, the researchers found out that the sir contained microplastics in them. These microplastics are not visible to the naked eye. It’s roaming in the air getting inside the body through breathing. What’s fascinating about this study is that the researchers couldn’t understand from where these microplastics originated. The researchers later found out that these microplastics originated from ocean water through evaporation. Once it gets into the troposphere, the microplastics travel around the world.

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